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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 12, 2022
3 minute read
National Pet Obesity Awareness Day - Whistle

You might think a fat rotund Rottweiler, chubby Chihuahua or plump Poodle are adorable but pet obesity is a big problem.

Did you know: For dogs, even being just 10% overweight can decrease their lifespan and predispose them to health issues like heart, kidney, and liver disease, arthritis, and cancer. You love your dog regardless of the number on the scale but those extra pounds are linked to some serious health issues.

Here’s the truth about canine obesity

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day on October 12, 2022 is a reminder to pet parents to keep their pets healthy. Whistle devices can help.

Leona used Whistle Health to help her dog Cinnamon lose weight. The fitness tracker lets Leona set activity goals for Cinnamon and track her progress to achieving them, helping the senior pup lose weight and stay active.

Has your dog packed on the pounds?

It’s time to help your chonky pet lose weight. Here are some top tips to help you get started.

Talk to your vet: Work with your veterinarian to establish a weight loss plan. It can take time for overweight or obese dogs to reach their goal weight and some portly pups may also benefit from a prescription low-calorie diet. The Ask a vet feature available with any Whistle smart device makes it easy to schedule a chat, call, email or video appointment with a veterinarian to establish a weight loss plan.

Practice portion control: Skip the heaping scoops of kibble and grab a measuring cup instead. Pet parents that failed to measure pet food portions often fed their dogs 152 percent more than the recommended serving size, which is a surefire way for your pooch to pack on the pounds. Not sure of the right serving size? The food calculator included in your Whistle app subscription can help.

Taper treats: All good dogs deserve treats but tossing your dog several bite-sized bones a day could add a lot of calories to their diet. Remember, treats should make up no more than 10 percent of their daily calories. Cut down on treats and see if it impacts the number on the scale.

Get moving: Exercise is an important part of weight loss. Use the Whistle app to set activity goals and plan active adventures to help hit them. Your dog will enjoy the long walks, games of fetch and dog sports like agility or competitive obedience that will also help whittle their waistlines.

Achieving their ideal weight will help your dog feel better, reduce the risk of disease and increase their lifespan. Weight loss benefits pet parents, too. Parents of overweight dogs spend 17 percent more on healthcare and 25 percent more on medications than owners of dogs at ideal body weight.

On National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (and every day), managing your dog’s health and preventing them from becoming overweight or obese is the best way to show your four-legged friend you care.

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