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Make Your Pet-Related Holiday Prep Simple and Stress-Free

November 30, 2022
3 minute read
Make Your Pet-Related Holiday Prep Simple and Stress-Free - Whistle


Your dog spent a little time on the naughty list this year but you’re still including them in the holiday celebrations—and that requires a little extra preparation.

Whether you’re making them a special feast, shopping for the best presents, taking them on your vacation, or making sure the festivities aren’t causing extra stress, follow these tips for a very merry holiday season.

Prepare for plane travel: Your dog is no stranger to riding in the backseat with their head out the window but flying with your dog in the airplane cabin requires advance planning.

Check with airlines about their pet policies. Some airlines limit the number of pets on a flight, have weight limits for dogs to fly in the cabin or require approved airline dog carriers. In addition to finding the best dog carriers for planes, trains, and automobiles, make reservations in advance and be sure to pack vaccination records or other paperwork your dog needs to be cleared for takeoff.

Get a room: Make sure your dog will be treated like a VIP when you arrive at your destination. For the perfect family vacation with dogs, make a reservation at a dog-friendly cottage or hotel and pack familiar items like your dog’s bed, blanket or favorite toys to make your dog feel more comfortable on vacation.

Track your dog during travel: Holiday travel might be your favorite tradition but family vacations with dogs can be stressful and your dog might dart out the door in search of home or get lost while walking in a winter wonderland.

Using a Whistle device like the Health & GPS or Health & GPS+ offer real time GPS tracking data to locate a dog that gets out during the holidays. It’s a little gift that provides big peace of mind for a good vacation with dogs.

Focus on food: Pumpkin pie, stuffing and sweet potatoes might be on your menu but be careful what you feed your pup. Foods that are sweet or spicy as well as turkey or chicken bones can be dangerous to your dog.

To avoid finding unexpected “presents” around the house, continue feeding your dog their regular diet and limit treats to 10% of their total calories. It’s ok to mix small pieces of turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans in with your dog’s food for a little taste of the holidays.

The Whistle Health can alert you to a change in behaviors like licking, scratching, drinking or sleeping that might signal your dog isn’t feeling well. Every Whistle subscription also includes the Ask a Vet feature to put you in contact with a veterinarian just in case.


Reduce stress: The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be stressful for dogs. Try to maintain your dog’s regular schedule, including mealtimes and walks, and make sure they have a quiet space to escape the festivities and retreat for downtime.

Pamper your pet: In the season of giving, make sure there are a holiday gifts for dogs under the tree. The Wildest created Best in Show, a list of 115 products from spiffy sweaters and chic carriers to interactive toys and superfood treats, that won top honors in 2022. If your dog could write a letter to Santa, this would be it.

Whistle devices also make excellent holiday gifts. Not sure which one is right for your pampered pooch? Take the quiz to find out.

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