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Paw-some Press

Paw-some Press


This pet tracker does so much more than monitor your pooch's steps (you know Fido is sleeping all day anyway).


The is one of the most comprehensive and feature-packed pet trackers I have come across. It provided me with invaluable data and insights that I didn't even know I wanted to have.


Pets represent a huge emotional investment for people and families, and the Whistle’s tracker solutions provide peace of mind and deliver an innovative, useful health monitoring dimension.


“Whistle has become a leader in the fast-growing pet wearables industry by rapidly improving its technology for monitoring customers' furry friends.”


"This accelerometer-filled, device tracks the dog’s active minutes, while its companion app provides guidance for owners on nudging a lazy pup to move more and feeding advice of the brand of food (from an extensive database) you already serve."


“The performance of the Whistle pet tracker earned it a high review score. The tester praised the tracker for its "surprisingly accurate" location tracking, its easy-to-use companion app, and its durability.”


"Whistle is a great all-in-one tracker for your dog, but its benefits really shine through with the weekly health reports...I also like how it encourages me to take long walks with my dog with achievements and goal reminders."


"The vet confirmed the Whistle televet’s suspicion—a skin infection. Whistle’s televet service saved me a lot of money in emergency vet fees."


“The Whistle FIT takes the guesswork out of your dog's health by sending daily alerts customized to your dog’s breed, age and weight goals."


"Best Pet Wearable – Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker.  Additional features include health monitoring for behaviors like licking, scratching, and sleeping, as well as goal-setting and meal portion recommendations."

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1-year warranty

If you experience any technical issues within one year of purchase, we'll troubleshoot and replace the device without charge if necessary. 

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Health monitoring 

Track licking, scratching, eating, drinking, and sleeping to get a comprehensive picture of your pet’s health.

Fitness features

Set personalized activity goals based on breed, weight, and age. Track distance traveled, calories burned, and hours of rest.

GPS tracking

Know your pet’s exact location with GPS tracking powered by AT&T's 4G LTE-M network. Subscription plan required.

Ask a vet

Have a pet care question? Get free access to vet expertise through chat, call, video, and email.

24-Hour timeline

Get a detailed breakdown of their day to see when they were resting, playing, and exercising. 

Food calculator

Find out exactly how much food to give them based on their breed, weight, age, and brand of dog food.