20% off on Whistle FIT + a free leash

20% off on Whistle FIT + a free leash *

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Frequently asked question

Do I need to have an AT&T Plan to use my Whistle?

No, your Whistle tracker is like a miniature cell phone for your dog! As such, it requires its own cellular plan, but is separate from the plan you have for your own phone. Whistle leverages AT&T’s 4G network to provide you the greatest coverage and fastest response, but you don’t need to be an AT&T customer to use Whistle. Your 360 subscription plan takes care of the cellular connection, so you can keep on adventuring with no interruptions

How do I cancel my Whistle subscription?

How does the early termination fee work with my monthly subscription?

What is your return policy?

Can I use the Whistle GO on more than one pet?

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This smart device helps you understand your pet’s health. FIT covers all your monitoring basics, with a design that works for any pet. So you can start uncovering better ways to care.

For dogs of all sizes.


This smart device helps you keep tabs on your pet. GO Explore gives you GPS location monitoring, safe place settings, and escape alerts. So you’re both ready for any adventure.

For dogs 25lbs and up.


This smart collar helps you stay connected to your pet. Switch gives you a sleek design, switchable styles, and two rechargeable battery packs. So you can monitor your pet 24/7.

For dogs 5lbs and up.

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