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This global team of pet experts has collected health data from over 100,000 dogs to help all pets live healthier lives—and they’re just getting started.

Pet Insight is on a mission to improve life for every pet

The Pet Insight team uses their extensive research to make new connections between behavioral patterns and changes in a pet’s health. So pet parents (and their care team) can use the insights to deliver proactive, preventative care.

Dog wearing a Whistle dog tracker sitting with owner

It started by bringing together scientists, vets, dogs, and big ideas 

In 2018, they partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital and Whistle to distribute 100,000 smart devices to Banfield clients.  

Over the next few years, this cohort of “citizen scientists” contributed tens of thousands of videos of their dogs to the Pet Insight Project team, supporting the development of FilterNET, a machine learning architecture that translates data from a Whistle device into specific canine behaviors (like licking, scratching, eating, etc.).

Owner walking their down that is wearing a Whistle smart device

What’s the team up to now? 

Today, the Pet Insight team continues to research the connection between canine behaviors and health issues. Their new learnings help us know what features and products to roll out next.  

Dog wearing Whistle dog GPS tracker
Dog wearing Whistle dog GPS tracker



122 minutes of activity

792 calories burned


Likes to roll in the sand

Based on data from FilterNet, a machine learning architecture

Dennis requires more calories for high-energy lifestyle