Help your dog hit their healthy weight

When senior Chihuahua Beep Beep Jeep was adopted, he was 10 pounds overweight. Then his pet parents used Whistle’s activity and weight-tracking features to give him a fresh start—and a personalized weight loss plan. Now BBJ has a whole new lease on life. 

“After BBJ lost the weight, it’s been like seeing life flood back into him.”

– Kenneth, BBJ’s pet parent

Did you know...

Obesity is the most common preventable disease in dogs in America

Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device

For dogs, even being just

10% overweight

can decrease their lifespan and predispose them to health issues like heart, kidney, and liver disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Pet parents of overweight dogs spent

17% more

on healthcare

Pet parents of overweight dogs spend

25% more

on medications than owners of dogs at ideal body weight

A science-backed fitness plan starts here

With a Whistle™ smart device, you no longer need to guess how much exercise they need every day. Once you input your dog’s breed, weight, and age, we’ll create personalized daily activity goals (which you can adjust at any time).

With the Whistle app, you can track how close they are to reaching their daily goal, see calories burned, distance traveled, and hours spent resting.

Update their weight weekly in the app to track changes over time, and measure how close you are to reaching their goal weight.

Whistle App Food Pantry

With our new food pantry feature, you can add all your pet’s everyday foods to see how diet changes affect their health and weight. 

With Whistle™

You no longer need to guess how much exercise they need every day. Once you input your dog’s breed, weight, and age, we’ll create personalized daily activity goals.

Professional vet advice in just a few taps

  1. Open the Whistle app and tap into any behavior from the home screen.

  2. Scroll past your pet’s stats and tap on the “Ask a Vet” option at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Choose how you’d like to connect: chat, phone, video call, or email.

  4. Get in touch and get answers to any pet health questions you may have.

Whistle is just a chat, call, or email away

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Vet Insight

Ask a Vet is powered by VETINSIGHT™, a team of experienced, licensed veterinarians. They can answer questions related to all the behaviors tracked by Whistle smart devices, as well as any questions around topics like food, nutrition, arthritis, aging, dental concerns, and more. Now, instead of Googling all your random pet health questions, you can turn to real, live vets.

How real pet parents use Whistle™ to help their pups stay in shape

Whistle smart devices tell pet parents exactly how their pup is doing, and how to help them stay healthy, happy, and safe.

“I’m very happy I made the purchase and got this device for my dog. She has lost the recommended amount of weight from the veterinarian. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.”
– Peytonmom
“I absolutely love this product for my dog Bruce. I can see what his activity is like when I can’t be there. It is very helpful to know how much he has moved so I can calculate how much more or less to feed him.”
– Bailey C.
“I can't imagine not having a Whistle now. We use it daily for maintaining my dog’s weight, activity, her health trends. Being able to share all this info with her vet has been vital to getting her to a healthy weight.”
– Happy Customer

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