Health 2.0 Smart Device

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Maintaining a healthy weight


Spotting skin and allergy symptoms sooner


Keeping your vet informed


Increasing their overall quality of life

Whistle Health 2.0 is your tool to help you understand your pet’s health. Our pioneering tech tracks and translates their behavior into in-depth daily health insights. So you always know how they’re doing—and can take action ASAP if a change points to a potential health issue.

60-day battery life

Waterproof up to 6 ft, IPX 8

Six-month device warranty

For dogs of all sizes

Flexible silicone case with steel clip

Whistle Health 2.0 smart device

Whistle Health 2.0 case

USB charging cable

Instruction guide

  • Whistle app - health monitoring
  • Whistle app - Activity monitoring
  • whistle app - streaks and achievements
  • Whistle app - ask a vet
  • Whistle app - Reminders
  • Whistle app - daily check-ins
  • whistle app - add caregivers

Creating lifelong healthy habits and behaviors

Whistle App - Prevent weight gain and obesity

Prevent weight
gain and obesity

56% of dogs are considered obese. Set a nutrition and fitness routine and stick to it.
Whistle App - Spot skin and allergy symptoms

Spot derm and
allergy symptoms

40% of dogs have skin and coat issues. Know when scratching starts to become a problem.
Whistle app - stay connected to their vet

Stay connected
to their vet

Use data to talk about your pet’s behaviors. Intervene early and get help faster.
Whistle app - Increase their quality of life

Increase their
quality of life

85% of pet parent think their pet has anxiety. Track their emotional well-being to understand patterns.

11,000+ reviews

on iOS and Android

Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
Dog wearing Whistle Health Smart Device
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How Whistle works

Our pioneering tech translates billions of data points into easy-to-understand insights—all available in the connected app. So you can manage their health, track their location, and deliver a whole new level of care.

Frame Whistle App - Health Metrics Whistle app lets you chat with a vet if your dog's poop isn't healthy Whistle App - Journaling Whistle App - Ask a Vet Whistle App Food Pantry

Manage their health

Track licking, scratching, eating, drinking, and sleeping—and see how they’re doing at a glance with daily wellness scores.  

iOS only

Monitor their digestive health with Poop Scan

Use AI to analyze your pet’s stool health. Then add these insights to daily check-ins so you can track changes and see how diet impacts their overall health. 

Custom fitness goals

Keep them at their healthy weight with personalized daily exercise goals based on breed, weight, and age.

Daily check-ins

Keep a log of how your pet is feeling and why to better understand how different daily factors affect their emotional and physical health.

Licensed vets are always on-call

Have a pet care question? Get free access to vet expertise through chat, call, and email (accessible directly from the app).

See how diet impacts your dog’s health

With our new food pantry feature, you can add all your pet’s everyday foods to see how diet changes affect their health and weight.


Yes, you’ll need an annual subscription so your device can connect to the service needed to collect your pet’s data.

It can last up to two months on a single charge. But we recommend charging once it hits 25%. Battery life is also affected by WiFi and network coverage, so keep that in mind if you have a shaky connection.

Your USB charger will bring your device back to a full charge in about 90 minutes.

Technically speaking, we use a three-axis accelerometer to estimate the total amount of energy your pet used each minute. Then we use that energy estimate to determine if your dog is resting, wandering around the house, or in full squirrel chase mode.

TLDR: We learn from your pet’s behavior over time and use that
data to understand their activity levels.

Short answer: sensors and a lot of measuring. Your device has sensors that take 150 measurements of your dog’s motion every second. We then use our behavior detection algorithms, courtesy of our partners at Pet Insight Project, to detect specific movements like scratching or licking.

We use a device called a three-axis accelerometer. It senses how much your pet is moving, up to 50 times per second. We use that data from tens of thousands of pets to create an algorithm that accurately calculates a distance estimate.

Your device will track your dog’s health and activity metrics accurately in any orientation, as long as it is attached to your dog’s collar and not another accessory like a harness or leash. Whistle’s algorithms account for 360 degree rotation around a dog’s neck to ensure every run, roll, and rub is captured!

In order to establish a baseline of your dog’s unique behavior and lifestyle, Whistle™ collects calibration data over the course of a 7 day period. Once a baseline is established, Whistle™ can then provide insights regarding any new changes in your dog’s behavior relative to the baseline.

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