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The tech behind Whistle

Better tech for better care

The tech behind Whistle

Better tech for better care

We build this technology and more into our Whistle smart devices and app. So you can get the best smart device experience and give the best care too.

Vet advice at the tap of the button.
AT&T-powered GPS to monitor every move.
Five lumen LED to keep you both safe at night.
IPX8 waterproofing to stand up to every splash session.
One shared platform to manage care across the whole family.
And pinpoint accelerometer accuracy to capture every run, leap, and fetch.
What can you do with the Whistle app?

Know their overall health

Know their behavior

Know their fitness

Know their location

Why track?
Dogs 6+ years suffer from
stiffness and pain

Whistle has tracked
4.2 million
abnormal licks

Excessive licking may point to pain
56% of US dogs are
overweight or obese

Whistle has tracked
5.9 billion
activity minutes

Most dogs need at least 20 mins of exercise per day
1 in 4 dogs suffer from
itchy, irritated skin

Whistle has tracked
3.7 million
abnormal scratches

Increased scratching could be a sign of allergies/infection

I’m thankful for Whistle Health & GPS tracker, because it’s given me accountability when it comes to making sure my pup is staying healthy & active.”

Our Smart Devices

Whistle™ Health

Our newest smart device paints a complete picture of your pet’s health by tracking activity, behavior, health, and wellness. So you can give them personalized, proactive care. 

For dogs of all sizes.

$10 off
$44.95 $34.95

Whistle™ Health & GPS

Keep tabs on your adventure buddy with this GPS-enhanced smart device. Get all the health features of the Whistle Health, plus location updates every 15 seconds, escape alerts, and more.

For dogs 25lbs and up.

$20 off
$149.95 $129.95

Whistle™ Health & GPS+

Health & GPS+ can do it all. This smart collar tracks their health and location and keeps you connected 24/7 with two rechargeable battery packs. So you never have to miss a moment.

For dogs 5lbs and up

$20 off
$199.95 $179.95

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