Dog wearing Whistle Switch Smart Collar

Senior dogs require special care

The good news: Now there’s a smart device that helps you know how to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Did you know...

As your pup ages, their care needs change too.

Dog wearing Whistle Switch Smart Collar

54% of households have a senior pet.

Small dogs hit their golden years around age 11-12, medium dogs around age 10, and large dogs as early as 8 years old.

1 in 5 dogs

suffer from arthritis.

The new way to help them shine during their golden years

As your pup transitions into their senior years, their care needs will begin to change. Older dogs deal with many of the same health issues as older humans, like joint pain, a slower metabolism, and a change in appetite.

Here's where Whistle comes in:

Have you noticed they’re drinking or eating habits have changed? Are they licking more than normal? Is their sleeping pattern suddenly off? Whistle tracks all these behaviors (and more) so you can know when senior health issues may be affecting your dog.

With Whistle™

You no longer need to guess how much exercise they need every day. Once you input your dog’s breed, weight, and age, we’ll create personalized daily activity goals.

Professional vet advice in just a few taps

  1. Open the Whistle app and tap into any behavior from the home screen.

  2. Scroll past your pet’s stats and tap on the “Ask a Vet” option at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Choose how you’d like to connect: chat, phone, video call, or email.

  4. Get in touch and get answers to any pet health questions you may have.

Whistle is just a chat, call, or email away

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Vet Insight

Ask a Vet is powered by VETINSIGHT™, a team of experienced, licensed veterinarians. They can answer questions related to all the behaviors tracked by Whistle smart devices, as well as any questions around topics like food, nutrition, arthritis, aging, dental concerns, and more. Now, instead of Googling all your random pet health questions, you can turn to real, live vets.

How real pet parents personalize their senior pup’s care with Whistle™

Whistle smart devices tell pet parents exactly how their pup is doing, and how to help them stay healthy, happy, and safe.

“One of my dogs was a big licker and scratcher. I was able to see the results of the medication by tracking the improvements with the Whistle app. I couldn't be happier and now my 10-year-old dog is resting more peacefully!”
– Mookie O.
“This device works! It saved the life of one of my elderly dogs who escaped. Once I realized she was out, Whistle led me right to her. If I had had my phone on me, the app would have let me know right away.”
– Happy Customer

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