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Whistle devices demystify your pet's health.

The way we see it, every lick, scratch, and sip tells a story. Whistle smart collars and devices track your pet’s health, activity, behavior, location, and more. All so you can better understand their health and bring them better, comprehensive care.

Monitor their health

Understand what’s normal for your pet, and catch potential issues before they become problems.

Set fitness goals

Keep both you and your pet on track, with custom goal setting based on breed, age, and weight.

Track location

Know where they go, with GPS location and alerts when your pet leaves a designated safe place.

Chat with Tele-vets

Get instant access to our free Tele-vet service, right in the Whistle app.

Stay connected 24/7

Collect comprehensive health data and insights for the full story on your pet’s health

Find the perfect match for your pet


Whistle Fit is the best dog health monitor on the market, monitor licking, scratching, drinking, sleeping, activities level, food intake, food calculator

Health • Fitness

This smart device helps you understand your pet’s health. FIT covers all your monitoring basics, with a design that works for any pet. So you can start uncovering better ways to care.

For dogs of all sizes.


Whistle Go Explore to monitor your dog location, health, and fitness. The best GPS tracker. The smartest GPS tracker. The smartest dog collar

GPS • Health • Fitness

This smart device helps you keep tabs on your pet. GO Explore gives you GPS location monitoring, safe place settings, and escape alerts. So you’re both ready for any adventure.

For dogs 25 lbs and up.


24/7 Connection • GPS • Health • Fitness

This smart collar helps you stay connected to your pet. Switch gives you a sleek design, switchable styles, and two rechargeable battery packs. So you can monitor your pet 24/7.

For dogs 5 lbs and up.

Why Whistle? We turn guessing into knowing.
Know their location

Hard truth: 10 million pets are lost each year. But don’t stress if you have a squirrel chaser on your hands. We’ll help you instantly and accurately pinpoint your pet’s location through the AT&T network and Google Maps.

With Whistle, you get:

Alerts when your pet leaves a designated safe place
Exact GPS location, anywhere in North America
Location updates every 15 seconds
A faster way to reunite

“This tracker will make you a better dog mom—100 percent guaranteed.”

“A leader in the pet wearables industry”

“…the perfect smart gift for your 4-legged friend”

“Whistle gives me peace of mind.”

Why give a lick?
Dogs 6+ years suffer from
Stiffness & pain
Whistle has tracked

4.2 million abnormal licks

Excessive licking may point to pain
56% of US dogs are
Overweight or obese
Whistle has tracked

5.9 billion activity minutes

Most dogs need at least 20 mins of exercise
1 in 4 dogs suffer from
Itchy, irritated skin
Whistle has tracked

3.7 million abnormal scratches

Increased scratching could be a sign of allergies/infection
Vets get to know their pets with Whistle, too

“I routinely use Jack’s Whistle to let me know when he needs his next Cytopoint injection and it also helps me gauge when I need to get him more activity to keep his weight normalized!”

Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Banfield Pet Hospital

“My 3 year old German shorthaired pointer, Sandy gained several pounds. Her Whistle tracker showed that she did half her normal mileage and wasn’t burning as many calories. Looking at the objective data from her activity, a ligament injury was highly likely. An exam confirmed. Her signs before the surgery were incredibly subtle but her Whistle data told a different story.”

Aletha Carson, DVM

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Vets get to know their pets with Whistle, too
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