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New Year, New Pet Wellness Goals

December 21, 2022
3 minute read
New Year, New Pet Wellness Goals - Whistle

New Year’s resolutions don’t last long, but Whistle is ready to help you make things stick for your pet. 

You shouldn’t be the only one with a list of resolutions for living your best life in the New Year. The start of the New Year is a new opportunity to set wellness goals for your pup, too.

One poll found that half of all dog owners and 27 percent of cat owners made resolutions for their four-legged friends with exercising, losing weight, improved hygiene, more play time and trying new activities as their top resolutions for their pets. Whistle devices can help make those resolutions a reality.

New Year’s With Dogs and Cats: Pet Resolutions

Your pooch might love their current routine of napping on the sofa, sniffing out squirrels in the backyard and accepting treats for being adorable but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shake things up to improve their wellbeing.

Dog New Year’s Wellness Resolutions

Set wellness goals: Whether you want to plan play dates to socialize your new puppy, introduce new toys or teach your old dog new tricks, setting wellness goals can boost physical and emotional wellbeing. The new Daily Check In feature on Whistle Health allows you to track how your pet is feeling and share this information with your vet through Whistle’s Ask a Vet feature.

Set fitness goals: Dogs that prefer running to the food bowl to racing around the block might need a little help hitting their daily step counts. Whistle Health, Health & GPS and Health & GPS+ allow you to set personalized activity goals and monitor minutes of activity, distance traveled, calories burned and more.

For dogs that go from couch potatoes to tiny tornadoes, Whistle devices can help spot patterns, track playtime and downtime to help uncover their unique fitness needs.

Set weight loss goals: If your pooch needs to shed a few pounds in the New Year, use the Whistle HealthHealth & GPS and Health & GPS+ to calculate portion recommendations based on your pet’s age, breed, weight, exercise levels and types of food. The personalized portion calculator allowed Leona to help her dog, Cinnamon, lose weight and get more active.

Cat New Year’s Wellness Resolutions

Resolutions aren’t just for dogs. Cat new year's resolutions could also include wellness, activity and weight loss goals that will encourage your cat to become more active, mentally engaged and healthy.

Dog Friendly New Year’s Places and Events

You don’t have to wait until January 1 to get started. Your new year dog plans could include a winter hike, walk around the neighborhood to look at the lights or other festive events at dog friendly places for New Year’s eve.

Make sure your dog is wearing their Whistle Health & GPS and Health & GPS+ devices to dog-friendly New Year’s Eve events in case you get separated; the real time GPS location tracking can pinpoint your pet’s exact location so you’ll be reunited before the ball drops at midnight.

Track Your Pet's Wellness Resolutions

The best way to make sure your dog New Year’s resolutions become a reality is to track their progress. Take our quiz to find out which Whistle device is right for you and then use it to monitor your pet’s health, set personalized activity goals, calculate the correct food portions and connect with a vet to get advice on how to make it a happy new year dog or happy new year cat style!

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