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6 tips to keep your dog safe for july 4th

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, and it’s no wonder: July 4th is the biggest day for dog disappearances due to the anxiety caused by fireworks, which leads to July 5th being the busiest day of the year for animal shelters in the United States. Even more alarming, nearly 90% of those lost pets without proper ID or microchipping will never return home.

We’re here to help.

Here are 6 tips that will help you keep your pet safe this month—and all year long.

  1. Keep your pets inside whenever possible. If you’re sure fireworks and loud parties are inevitable in your neighborhood, do some advance work to create a sanctuary for your pet in a quiet, secure place inside the house. 
  2. When outside, keep them on leash. Even if the plan is to just step into your own backyard, make no exception: Keep your pet on leash. The crack of a firework can come out of nowhere and unexpectedly cause your pet to bolt. Especially during bathroom breaks around the block, hold on tight.
  3. Secure their environment. Do you have a gate or a fence? Is your yard secured? If you’re hosting and you’ll have guests coming and going, make sure you keep every entrance and exit secure. Have a plan in place to keep track of your pets’ whereabouts at all times. Ask yourself if any improvements can be made to ensure a safe play space for your pets.
  4. Consider what else might help. If your pet tends to run anxious, there are a few things you can consider. Some say a weighted blanket works wonders. Many pet parents rave about calming treats. If you have a wireless speaker that connects to a music service, consider streaming a Pink Noise track into the room they are in and put it on a loop to mask the outside noise. You may also want to consult a veterinarian in case your pet could benefit from medication. Use the Chat with a Vet feature in the Whistle app to connect with a vet through chat, email, or phone if you need other ideas or assistance.
  5. Make sure they’ve got their ID. Now is the time to confirm that your pets are microchipped and that their ID tags are up to date. 
  6. Keep your Whistle device charged. Plan to fully charge your GPS Whistle device, too, just in case. And be sure to add additional family members so everyone can have eyes on your dog and help locate in case of an emergency.

If your dog does somehow escape, use the Whistle app to turn on Real-Time Tracking for your Whistle GO or Whistle GO Explore device immediately. That way, you can be reunited with your pup within a matter of minutes.

Stay safe, friends!

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