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Never forget your pet’s meds or appointments with whistle reminders  

February 18, 2021
2 minute read
Never forget your pet’s meds or appointments with whistle reminders   - Whistle

Do you remember the date of your furry friend’s last flea & tick treatment? How about when the next one is scheduled? Have you ever wondered if the other pet parents in your family already doled out your pet’s daily meds? 

This is why we created Reminders – a free new feature that helps you stay on top of daily meds, grooming appointments, flea & tick treatments, vet visits, and much more. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual appointments with ease, then move on with your day knowing that you’ll get a reminder exactly when you need it. It’s all part of our quest to improve the lives of pets by empowering the people who love them. 

Keep your whole pack connected and in sync with your pet’s well-being. Create as many custom Reminders as you need following these simple steps.

‍Create a Reminder

Simply go to Pet & Device in your Whistle app and select Reminders & To-Do’s. From here you can create a new Reminder or view all your upcoming reminders.

‍Name your reminder and select the type: Medical, Appointment, Training, Grooming, Fitness, Weight, Food, Other.

‍Next, schedule a start date and time. Set the reminder as one-time or recurring and enter notes for yourself or others that will pop up with the reminder notice.

Check it off your list

Once it’s done, mark Completed. Doing so will alert every member of your pack that uses the app that this task has been taken care of, so you can all stay in sync.

View all Reminders

In the Reminders tab, tap View All to see overdue, upcoming, and completed Reminders. If you’d like, filter by previous 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days.


24 hours before the due date and again at the exact time specified, you will get your custom Reminder notification on your phone.

If you don’t mark your Reminder complete, you’ll get a follow-up 24 hours past the due date.

Pro tips: 

Use Reminders with dog sitters. You’ll love it, and they will, too! Every great petter sitter will love a gentle—and precise—reminder for feeding, walking, and medication times.

Make sure you have the latest app. If you don’t see a Reminders tab in your Whistle app, force an update. Download the latest version from the Apple or Android store.

‍If you have any more questions, please visit us at

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