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Whistle App Update: New Journaling Features

April 18, 2023
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Whistle App Update: New Journaling Features - Whistle

Identifying patterns in your dog’s behavior can provide important clues about their health—and that’s where Whistle comes in.

Back in the fall of 2022, Whistle introduced journaling in the Whistle app to allow you to rate how your pet is feeling and log information about their daily mood; you can even leave optional notes with more information.

The journaling feature offers an easy way to spot patterns and make more connections between behaviors like licking, scratching, drinking, sleeping and other tracked behaviors and how your pet is feeling. It might not be a big deal if your dog licks their paws after a walk or scratches their ears after a bath but when it happens consistently, it could be a sign that something’s up.

The Benefits of Journaling

Journal entries allow you to identify patterns, share information with dog sitters, veterinarians and others who care for your dog, and provide essential information about your pet’s health and wellbeing. It’s also a valuable resource for pet parents who want to track their pet’s progress as they recover from illnesses or injuries.

Keep track of when your dog isn't feeling well

Since Whistle first introduced journaling, most pet parents have completed two entries per week and 78% left notes when their dog wasn’t feeling well. Next time you go into the vet’s office, past journal entries can provide a log of when your pup’s mood changed and details about what was happening–changes to their diet, exercise, medications or routine–that might have them acting t differently.

Learn what makes your pup feel great!

Journal entries also allow you to track what makes your pup the happiest and identify ways to add more of those mood-boosting things in their daily routine. Our latest research shows that these are the five top reasons your pups are in a good mood:
  • Activity
  • Home
  • Family
  • Play
  • Going on a walk

Journaling pet parents check in twice a week

Journals are your daily companion to help you keep track of the day to day dealings with your pup. By daily journaling, pet parents have a historic log of everything, just in case. Keep track of walks, poops, tummy issues, food changes, trips to the dog park, and so much more.

New Journaling Features

Thanks to the popularity of the journaling tool, Whistle has expanded it and added new features.

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