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Behind the Scenes with the Next Generation of Pet Healthcare

April 12, 2022
3 minute read
Behind the Scenes with the Next Generation of Pet Healthcare - Whistle


Your four-legged friend deserves the best. You schedule annual wellness exams, offer heartworm prevention, serve delicious food and treats and schedule outdoor activities to keep them feeling great. New digital tools can help, too.

Whistle believes that every lick, scratch and sip tells a story. Whistle collected trillions of data points collected from more than 100,000 pets around the world to design the new Whistle Health

The artificial intelligence-powered tool brings pet parents incredible insights into behaviors like scratching, licking, drinking, eating, sleeping and fitness. The small devices contain amazing amounts of information that can have a positive impact on your pet’s health (and on your peace of mind).

The state-of-the-art devices were created using three central pillars of technology: data, intelligence and integration.

Data: Powerful services require powerful data. Whistle Health attaches to your dog’s collar and serves as an uber sensor, collecting information about everything happening to your dog in near-real time.

The device also gathers data about scratching, an indicator of skin infections and allergies; and licking, which can be a sign of joint pain, skin irritations or stress. Whistle Health also checks eating, drinking and sleep habits to alert you to possible health issues like diabetes, urinary tract infections and metabolic disorders.

Of course, Whistle Health also monitors your dog’s activity level to tell you whether they’re getting enough exercise based on her breed, weight and age.

Intelligence: Whistle Health does more than just collect data. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, each data point is refined and translated into meaningful and actionable health insights. 

The same smart tech that functions as a dog symptom checker, dog sleep tracker and dog activity monitor also translates  into a complete wellness index. Access information on the integrated app—and share it with your vet—to learn ways you could take action. For the first time ever, digital devices give your dog a powerful voice that can help ensure her health and happiness. 

Integration: How does a small, sleek device that attaches to a dog collar help understand pet health? Integration.

Whistle Health turns data and intelligence into understanding and action. Dog not eating? Dog scratching a lot? Dog twitching in sleep? The device notes those changes—and many, many more—and alerts you to the changes. Whistle Health will even connect you to a veterinarian through the VetInsights tool to ensure you get the personalized, data-driven care that your dog deserves.

Looking for a high-tech device that includes a dog GPS tracker as well as a dog health monitor and dog activity monitor? The Whistle Health & GPS and Health & GPS+ have you (and your dog) covered. 

The same AI-powered used to track your dog’s health can also track their location. The dog GPS tracker in the Whistle Health & GPS and Health & GPS+ provide GPS location and escape alerts to help you find your dog in case they’re  ever lost (and the Health & GPS+ also feature two interchangeable batteries).

Your four-legged best friend deserves the best. Give them the gift of Whistle Health, the only health tracker that bring you data-driven insights about their health and wellbeing.

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