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Whistle user notice regarding the temperature alerts feature

Since introducing the Tagg GPS Plus and the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, we've heard amazing stories from many of you about how this product has given you peace of mind by helping you keep your pet healthy and happy. We know that you chose to get a pet tracker because you care for your pet and want to stay connected wherever you go.

We take pride in our ability to make incredible and fun products while always putting pets first, and consider the well-being of Whistle pets to be at the heart of everything we do.

To ensure each product we create meets the high standards we have for your pets (as well as our own), we conduct rigorous tests on every feature we release. We do this so our community can always trust that they are getting the most reliable service and accurate information possible.

Despite Tagg announcing the temperature alerts feature during the product pre-order phase, results from lab and field tests caused us to question whether the information provided by temperature alerts would help pet owners.

Since the device cannot distinguish between a furry pup lounging in a sunny window from one exposed to a dangerous environment, a temperature feature would risk significant false alerts and confusion for pet owners. While the device is capable of reading ambient temperature, the feature would at best send false alarms when temperatures are in fact safe and at worst, fail to alert owners when conditions may be unsafe. The fact that it could potentially provide pet owners with a false sense of security and inaccurate readings ultimately made this feature unfit for release.

We feel that the best and safest thing for Whistle pets is to suspend the release of temperature alerts indefinitely.

What does this mean for your device?

Nothing will change with your device, and all other features will continue to work as before. This decision to not release temperature alerts simply means that we will not be adding in the feature in the Whistle apps as previously planned.

We're sorry for the inconvenience this may cause those of you who were looking forward to this feature. The entire Whistle team is dedicated to only shipping products we can stand behind and we didn’t believe that this feature lived up to our standards. If you purchased your Whistle or Tagg device for temperature alerts and do not want to keep it, we will provide a complete device refund and cancel your service at no additional cost to you.

Our customer advocates are available to help answer any and all questions you have.

Thank you for your loyalty and support - your satisfaction with Whistle and the well-being of your pets is what motivates us every day.

Your friends at Whistle

Feb 29, 2016

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