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Whistle App Update: Introducing Daily Check-ins

November 16, 2022
3 minute read
Whistle App Update: Introducing Daily Check-ins - Whistle

Dogs are living, breathing, feeling creatures, with changing emotions and moods just like us. And also just like us, their emotional well-being plays a big role in their overall health. For example, say your pup has separation anxiety. That may cause an increase in licking, which could lead to a skin infection

To help you better understand how different factors affect their emotional and physical health we’ve launched a new daily check-in feature. Now you can log your pet’s daily mood, rate how they’re feeling, mark any known factors affecting their mood, and leave an optional note. It’s an easy way to spot patterns and make more connections between their tracked behavior and how they’re feeling. 

Why we built the daily check-in feature

Life may be returning to normal for us humans, but this is a big adjustment period for our pets. With us leaving home more often (maybe even returning to in-office work), we wanted to give pet parents a way to note how their pet is handling the changing times. We’re also excited about how daily check-ins can come in handy for pet parents who want to track their pet’s progress as they recover from (or navigate) an illness or injury. 

Where to find daily check-ins in the Whistle app

We’ve launched the new check-in feature in tandem with the release of the new Whistle™ Health Limited Edition, but it’s available for all Whistle subscribers—no matter which of our smart devices you have. But first things first: to try out the new feature, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the app. After that, you should see a “Check-in” button on the bottom right corner of your dashboard. Tap it to log your first entry. 

Whistle app: Introducing Daily Check-ins

Once you’re in the check-in feature, we’ll ask you to rate how your pet is feeling (great, okay, or not good). You’ll also be able to add tags related to why they’re feeling that way (i.e. weather, vet visit, stress, arthritis, etc.) and add an optional note (maybe say something like, “I gave Hugo his new supplement this morning, and he’s been more active than normal”). Save the entry and you’re all set. 

Feel free to review or edit your daily logs as much as you like. Want to add multiple entries in a day? You can do that—and you can even specify what time each entry was added at.

One subscription for holistic care

When you purchase a Whistle smart device, you’ll also need to select a Whistle plan. Plans cover this new feature, along with health and fitness monitoring, access to our Ask a Vet feature, the ability to share reports with your pet’s care team, and GPS location tracking (if you have a Whistle Health & GPS or Health & GPS+). 

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