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A Dog Walk With Julia

With Thanksgiving around the corner, menus are planned, turkeys are ordered, and pet-sitting arrangements are being made. We caught up with Whistle’s Communications Director, Julia Waneka, to get her tips for traveling with your pet and learned the story of when she and her husband Tyler welcomed Buster Bluth into their life.

Whistle: Describe the moment you got Buster.

Julia: "We got him from my friend’s mom, Priscilla. She raises Golden Retrievers and had this dog named Reba whom I adored. I remember saying to my friend, 'if I could have a dog just like Reba I would totally get a Golden Retriever.' Lo and behold, Reba was having puppies and I got Buster the golden retriever, for my golden birthday that spring."


Whistle: How do you know Buster was the dog for you?

Julia: "We went to see Reba’s litter when the puppies were only three weeks old. They all looked like guinea pigs, they were so tiny! Priscilla has this great southern twang. She said, “Y’all hold these dogs, I got to clip toenails.” She grabbed three and placed them in my lap and then grabbed three and placed them in Tyler’s lap. So we were holding these puppies and thinking "this is weird." Buster snuggled up next to me and fit right in the crook of my arm. When Priscilla would try and move him, he nuzzled in even more. I was instantly obsessed with him; it was clear that he was ours. When we came back a few weeks later to pick him up Priscilla said, “ Y’all picked the alpha, he’s got a crazy personality and everyone is trying to buy him out from under you. I won’t let them thought, because he's yours.”


Whistle: Where is Buster going to be during Thanksgiving?

Julia: "He’ll hang back here in California. We’ll probably book a pet-sitter through DogVacay. We’ve used them before and I really like knowing everything is covered by insurance.  It makes it easier to be away from my buddy.”

Whistle: Do you have any travel tips for pets tagging along for the holidays?

Julia: "Last year we took Buster with us so we drove to Colorado. We took Buster on a 20 hour road trip. It was tough. If you're bringing your dog keep a few things in mind. Plan on keeping them from getting bored, keeping them comfortable, and keeping them tired. I don’t personally recommend going on that long of a road trip with your dog unless you have plenty of time to get where you’re going. Dogs need more breaks and chances to stretch their legs. Talk to your vet beforehand to be sure you aren't overlooking an important detail."


Whistle: Is there a favorite activity that you love bringing Buster along with you?

Julia: "I love going on runs with him even though he’s not very good at it. It’s definitely not my best workout when I run with him, but afterwards he lays on my front steps and just smiles.”


Whistle: Do you read to your dog?

Julia: "I don’t read to him but I do sing to him, especially in the morning. I’ll take a song that will be stuck in my head and I’ll replace some of the words with "Buster." This morning it was "Diva" by Beyonce. "Diva is a female version of a Buster…"

Nov 14, 2014

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