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The top 5 athletic dog breeds

January 05, 2021
3 minute read
The top 5 athletic dog breeds - Whistle

Is yours the type of dog that isn’t exhausted by a full day at the park? You play fetch or frisbee for hours, maybe even jog or hike, then you get home only to find your pooch just as peppy as ever. If you’re the proud pet parent of one or more of the 5 breeds below, then your pup is looking for more activity than your average canine.

Some dogs were bred to have greater stamina and to withstand higher activity. These are the dream team dogs. The super athletes. Courtesy of our Pet Insight team, here are the top 5 dog breeds that logged the most time on Whistle trackers. Is yours leading the pack?

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5. Labrador Retriever. With an average of 70 minutes of activity per day amongst all Labrador Retrievers with a Whistle tracker, it’s safe to say that a walk around the block is not likely to satiate this pup. Labs are typically easy-going dogs, and they enjoy sports like agility, tracking, swimming, hunting, and—you guessed it—retrieving. If your Lab is looking bored, a nice game of fetch will be easy entertainment. 

4. Golden Retriever.  Logging just a fraction of a minute more activity than Labs, Golden Retrievers are keeping us on our toes. Their happy-go-lucky nature earned them the reputation of being the perfect family dog, and they love to play—no wonder they were designated the State Dog of Delaware in 2016! Like Labrador Retrievers, Goldens enjoy agility-based activity and games of fetch, especially with floating toys that call on their swimming abilities. If you’re the human companion for a Golden Retriever, you’re likely spending your summers on the lake or at the beach.

3. Border Collie. Taking quite the leap in activity minutes, Border Collies enjoy an average of 79.5 minutes per day according to data gathered by Pet Insight Project. And we can’t say we’re surprised. Originating from Scottish & English Shepherds bred for their herding skills, many believe Collies to be the most intelligent dogs in the world. To keep this breed from getting bored, take them to the park to burn off their energy with flyball, frisbee, and other running games that take full advantage of their wit.

2. Australian Shepherd. Known for performing in rodeos and horse shows, Aussies average out at a little under 80.5 minutes of activity per day. These loyal pets will follow you to the ends of the earth (and back!), but they are also prone to their herding instincts. To help them get their energy out, take them on longer runs or play sports that put their natural endurance to the test. 

1. German Shepherd. Having a laundry list of highly exertive professions attributed to German Shepherds, it’s no surprise that they top the charts with how much activity they get—a whopping daily average of 81+ minutes! Originally bred for herding and guarding people and property, these dogs have a powerful urge to play competitively and will certainly keep you running ‘til the cows come home!

Whatever breed your fur baby is, chances are they’re happier running in the sunshine than napping in the living room. Stay active this summer with your dog. Run, hike, and explore. Just remember to keep plenty of water on your person (or on your dog if you employ one of those clever doggie packs!), and get plenty of rest between adventures. 

Bottom line is simple: Regardless of breed, give your all-star pup the exercise they need, and you’ll always be the MVP in their eyes.

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