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How to Get an Overexcited Dog to Just Chill

August 12, 2022
1 minute read
How to Get an Overexcited Dog to Just Chill - Whistle

If your dog loses their sh*t over anything from a squirrel to a guest, dog behaviorist Trish King has some tips.

mfotohaus / Adobe Stock

One of our small dogs tends to get excited — very excited — when it’s time for a walk, or dinner, or play, or pretty much anything that looks like it could be fun. She spends a lot of time in a state of eager anticipation — “Oh boy, what are we going to do now?!” If we’ve been quiet for a while, and then get up to do something, she does a happy dance. While it’s easy to assume a dog’s exuberance means they’re happy, the opposite may be true: Over-excited dogs may be stressed and anxious, which can lead to behavioral issues. Here’s why dogs get overexcited, plus some tips for keeping them calm.

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