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The gift of smarter, more personalized pet care: Wisdom Panel + Whistle

February 18, 2021
3 minute read
The gift of smarter, more personalized pet care: Wisdom Panel + Whistle - Whistle

Wondering what to get the pet-lover in your life? Here’s a gift that every pet parent will love!

WISDOM PANEL™ is the world’s leading DNA test for dogs, and Whistle Labs is the world’s leader in pet health and location tracking. Together, they make the season’s greatest holiday gift. 

With Whistle health + location tracking and WISDOM PANEL DNA testing, caring for your dog becomes both easier and more comprehensive. When you know more, you can do more. 

Let’s say the WISDOM PANEL test kit discovers that your dog has certain genetic markers that indicate potential issues with excessive activity, such as Exercise-Induced Collapse. You can stay ahead of the issue by keeping an eye on your pet’s activity levels throughout the day with the Whistle feature called Timeline.

Or let’s say you have a Cocker Spaniel, Boxer, or Maltese – breeds prone to skin conditions. It’s easy to track their itching and licking levels week after week, receiving notifications when something changes. You’re then empowered to catch dermatological issues before they get inflamed. 

Given that WISDOM PANEL DNA tests also provide you with information on your dog’s ideal weight profile based on breed and genetic size markers, you’ll know if he or she is prone to being overweight. If that’s the case, you can use your Whistle app to set daily activity goals based on age, weight, and breed and track your pet’s daily activity in the app to ensure they stay within the optimal range.

‍Pet-lovers everywhere are already taking advantage of the power of both Whistle and WISDOM PANEL tests. 

“If you're nervous about adoption through a shelter, WISDOM PANEL removes the guesswork about your dog's breed and health background." – Kim and Scott Vargo, @yellowbrickhome
“I can program important stuff like medications and appointments for Burt and Lucy and the Whistle app will remind me when they're due. Today the dogs are due for their monthly heartworm preventative and flea and tick treatments. Luckily, with the new Reminders, I can stay on track and provide these two with the best care possible. Just another reason why we're obsessed with our Whistle trackers!" – Tori Mistick, @tmistick

Knowledge is power! Insights from WISDOM PANEL tests paired with the power of Whistle gives you the most well-rounded approach to understanding your furriest family members and providing them with the best care possible. 

For a limited time during this season of giving, you can purchase a WISDOM PANEL Health DNA kit and Whistle GO tracker holiday bundle—a $249.95 value—for just $199.95! Save a total of $50 ($30 off WISDOM PANEL Health and $20 off Whistle GO) on the most comprehensive pet care products on the market. This year, give the gift of pet love and care. Quantities are limited, so purchase your WISDOM PANEL Health dog DNA test + Whistle holiday bundle today!

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