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Everything you ever wanted to know about your dog’s sleep

February 19, 2021
2 minute read
Everything you ever wanted to know about your dog’s sleep - Whistle

In case you haven’t noticed, dogs typically spend an enviable amount of time sleeping. So it’s no wonder that you might have questions about your dog’s sleep. 

Don’t worry, your Whistle smart tracker can help with that, too. You can track your dog’s sleep right from the Whistle app, which tells you how much sleep they’re getting, how many disruptions they have per night, and how this all compares to their usual snooze habits. Plus, it can clue you in to changes that might point to potential health issues, so you’ll know when to bring up sleep with your vet. 

Still have questions? We’ve got answers—whether you’re wondering how much dogs sleep, if your BFF’s sleeping habits are normal, or how they can possibly fall asleep in all the hilarious places and positions they doze off in. 

First up: How Much Do Dogs Sleep? 

It depends! Just like humans, our fur babies don’t have hard-and-fast rules when it comes to sleep. Factors like your dog’s age, weight, health, and situational factors can all affect how much time they spend snoozing. All that said, most dogs sleep between 12-14 hours per day—with puppies racking up even more time than that. 

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Can Dogs Dream? 

It’s easy to assume that your dog is conjuring up a rich dream world when you see them twitching and whimpering in their sleep. But what’s really going on in that furry little head of theirs? We consulted the research and experts to find out the truth, and it looks pretty likely that pups have the ability to dream. 

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Why Do Dogs Sleep In the Darnedest Positions? 

Perched precariously on a couch cushion. Sprawled out on the hardwood floor. Belly up in their bed. These are just a few of the silly positions you might find your dog sleeping in. But did you know that your pup’s go-to pose might have a deeper meaning than you realize? 

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