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Meet Whistle FIT for pet health, fitness, and nutrition

February 03, 2021
3 minute read
Meet Whistle FIT for pet health, fitness, and nutrition - Whistle

Like humans, pets have different needs at different stages of their lives. Knowing what’s always best for them in terms of food, activity, and general well-being can intimidate even the most loving pet parents. For these devoted dog lovers, we are happy to introduce Whistle FIT – the pet wearable that turns scientific study into actionable insights – insights that will help our pets live longer and happier lives, while saving their pet parents time and money.

Whitle FIT packs all the power of our most advanced tracker, just without the GPS location tracking. Whistle trackers monitor your pet’s activity and compare it to what is healthiest for your pet’s particular breed, age, and weight. It recommends fitness goals and tracks calories burned, issuing daily and weekly reports. It also monitors rest, letting you know if your dog is getting restful sleep sessions or not enough. Whistle FIT pays close attention to licking and scratching, too, alerting you if either hits a level that sends up a red flag.

All this knowledge empowers you to stay on top of your pet’s health. Daily and weekly insights help you treat issues before they become problems. Not only does this lead to less pain and suffering for your furry family member, but it also saves on vet bills. It gives you peace of mind, and it gives your pet a clearer path for a longer, happier life.  

So what makes Whistle trackers so smart? It uses data from the Pet Insight Project, a three-year study of 60,000 dogs and 900 different breeds and mixes. We compare your dog’s behavior and habits to ensure health, and fitness are all within healthy ranges or if there is a concern.

If you do need to take your dog to the vet, you can generate a 30-day view of your dog’s health history in a tap – and send it to your vet for reference.  

The all-new Nutrition feature holds a database of over 3,000 types of dog food, across all major brands, and will recommend the right portion you should feed your dog, based on the brand you use and your dog’s breed, age, weight, and activity levels. 

Whistle FIT, Whistle GO, and Whistle GO Explore makes it easy to track and understand your pet’s health. It’s the perfect tool to keep your pet in the best shape possible. And if the recommendation is for more pet exercise, there’s one not-so-bad side effect to that: it gets you off the couch too.

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