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Get ready to celebrate canine bravery in 'Superpower Dogs'

February 18, 2021
3 minute read
Get ready to celebrate canine bravery in 'Superpower Dogs' - Whistle

Get ready to fall in love with dogs even more—if that's possible.

Experience the all new IMAX film Superpower Dogs presented by Mars Petcare in partnership with Whistle. Superpower Dogstakes you on an adventure to witness the life-saving talents of some remarkable dogs who define what it means to be a four-legged superhero. Narrated by fellow dog-lover and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, the documentary brings the heart-warming adventures of these canines to IMAX theaters nationwide, beginning March 15.

Henry poses for a photo with narrator, Chris Evans.
© 2018 Cosmic Picture Limited

Superpower Dogs tells the real-life stories of six dogs whose superpowers and extraordinary bravery stretch across the globe. You'll meet Halo, a Dutch Shepherd puppy, and watch her three-year journey to becoming a trained member of Florida Task Force 1, one of the most elite disaster response teams in America.

As Halo grows from runt of the litter to action hero, the film takes you to Africa, where Bloodhounds Tony and Tipper team up to save endangered species from poachers. As expert trackers, the brothers have spent their lives protecting the animal residents of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya.

You'll get to know Ricochet, the surfing Golden Retriever in San Diego who works as a therapy dog for children with special needs and veterans with PTSD. Journey to Italy to meet Reef, a 4-year-old Newfoundland lifeguard who executes the bravest of water-rescues with the Italian Coast Guard.

And prepare to fall in love with the handsome goggle-wearing Border Collie, Henry as he braves the harsh conditions of the Canadian Rockies to rescue avalanche victims - while wearing his Whistle!

© 2018 Cosmic Picture Limited

‍“Henry's kind of the James Bond of dogs, dropping in from a helicopter to save people trapped in the snow,” said Director, Daniel Ferguson.

From fighting crime to saving and protecting lives, these canines are making the world a better place. “These dogs are real superheroes with epic powers we can only dream of and that we might take for granted,” explains Ferguson.

After watching these heroic canines plow through avalanches and drop from helicopters, you'll never look at your best bud the same way again. To learn more about the film and find an IMAX theater near you, visit

About Mars Petcare
Your pup might not be touching down from a helicopter, but we know that all pets have their own set of superpowers, especially when it comes to making our lives better. That's just one reason we're honored to be among the amazing lineup of partners who supported the production of this documentary, including Mars Petcare companies like Whistle, Banfield Pet Hospital, Wisdom Panel Canine DNA test, Eukanuba, and more, all dedicated to creating A Better World for Pets.

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