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Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

February 23, 2022
3 minute read
Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day! - Whistle

When it comes to your pet, it’s true love. You make him homemade treats, kiss his wet nose and post selfies of your adventures. Love Your Pet Day is another chance to celebrate your favorite furry friend.

When is Love Your Pet Day 2022? It’s held on February 20. On this pet holiday, these five ideas will make your pet feel extra special.  

Share quality time: Love Your Pet Day is all about making your pet a top priority. Leash up your dog for a long walk or play fetch in the yard; cuddle your kitty or dangle a feather toy for them to chase or snuggle up on the couch and watch pet videos together. Your pet will appreciate feeling like the center of attention.

Before going on an outdoor adventure, make sure your pet has a Whistle GPS smart device on his collar. The real time GPS location tracking and escape alerts can provide his exact location if he ever gets lost.

Prioritize wellbeing: Nothing says “I love you” like regular healthcare to keep your pets feeling their best. Whistle devices, including the Whistle Health & GPS+, Whistle Health & GPS and Whistle Health include free access to tele-vet visits.

Love Your Pet Day is also the perfect time to call the vet to confirm your pet is up-to-date on his vaccines and schedule an annual exam, if needed.

Buy a new toy: Take your dog to the pet store. Picking out a colorful squeak toy or brand new ball is just part of the adventure: the sights, sounds and scents at the pet store—not to mention the attention from the staff—provide mental stimulation. Your dog will come home with a new toy feeling like the goodest boy. 

Don’t leave your cat out: scratching posts, cat trees, stuffed catnip toys and balls with bells are ideal toys to help bring out her playful side.

Schedule a spa day: Treat your dog to a well-deserved day of pampering. Whether you book an appointment for a professional groom or give your dog a bubble bath and “pawdicure” at home, he’ll appreciate the chance to look his best. 

Grooming is as much about looking (and smelling) good; it’s also an important part of good health. Without regular grooming dogs and longhaired cats can develop painful mats in their fur and overgrown nails can make it hurt to walk.

In addition to grooming, wash all pet beds. blankets and toys in hot water to remove bacteria and keep things smelling fresh.

Teach new tricks: Your dog has mastered “sit,” “come” and “leave it” so it’s time to teach him some new tricks. Training your dog to high five, sing or kiss combine some of his favorite things: exercise, mental stimulation and time with you—not to mention some tasty training treats. 

Don’t forget about other pets: Cats, rabbits, chickens and other animals can also learn new tricks and benefit from novel experiences.

Love Your Pet Day was created to celebrate the special role your pet has in your life and planning some special activities that you can enjoy together is sure to leave your pet feeling the love.

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