Thanks for participating in the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™

As a study participant, Whistle is excited to offer you a FREE Whistle Health smart device and app subscription. Whistle™ Health uses industry-leading AI to translate your dog’s behavior into in-depth health insights. You’ll know how they’re doing at all times, and learn how to spot potential health issues sooner.

Why build a Biobank?

So we can create a healthier, happier future for pets

Help us build a unique study with the pets of today to improve the health of the pets of tomorrow

With your help, our scientists can discover new ways to prevent (or even predict) illness and diseases.

The continued use of a Whistle™ Health smart device is key to providing our researchers with the data they need to do their best work.


Health 2.0

Whistle Health 2.0 is your tool to help you understand your pet’s health. Our pioneering tech tracks and translates their behavior into in-depth daily health insights. So you always know how they’re doing—and can take action ASAP if a change points to a potential health issue.

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Your pet’s health, in the palm of your hand.

Prevent weight
gain and obesity

56% of dogs are considered obese. Set a nutrition and fitness routine and stick to it.

Spot derm and
allergy symptoms

40% of dogs have skin and coat issues. Know when scratching starts to become a problem.

Stay connected
to their vet

Use data to talk about your pet’s behaviors. Intervene early and get help faster.

Increase their
quality of life

85% of pet parent think their pet has anxiety. Track their emotional well-being to understand patterns.

Whistle data explained

Whistle analyzes real time data to provide insights in key areas that help pet owners optimize their pets’ health.

Frame Whistle App - Health Tracking Whistle App - Activity Goals Whistle App - Daily Check-In Whistle App - Ask a Vet Whistle App Food Pantry

Manage their health

Track licking, scratching, eating, drinking, and sleeping—and see how they’re doing at a glance with daily wellness scores.

Custom fitness goals

Keep them at their healthy weight with personalized daily exercise goals based on breed, weight, and age.

Daily check-ins

Keep a log of how your pet is feeling and why to better understand how different daily factors affect their emotional and physical health.

Licensed vets are always on-call

Have a pet care question? Get free access to vet expertise through chat, call, and email (accessible directly from the app).

See how diet impacts your dog’s health

With our new food pantry feature, you can add all your pet’s everyday foods to see how diet changes affect their health and weight.

*Offer valid for 1 Whistle Health 2.0 device and a subscription to the Whistle app for as long as the user is part of the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™ study. Offer while supplies last on Offer is non-transferable and only valid for MARS PETCARE BIOBANK™ recipients. Not valid on previous purchases. You are not required to provide credit card information unless you decide to continue your subscription beyond the expiration of the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK study project. Whistle may modify or cancel offer at any time.