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GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Sarah S.
April 14, 2014

I lost my dog during the playoffs. The Seahawks won, and all my crazy Seahawk neighbors sent off fireworks.

I hadn't thought for a second that there would be fireworks going off after the game. My dog was in my yard at the start of the game. When the game finished, she wasn't in the yard. I spent 24 straight hours looking for her and $200 at FedEx printing posters and flyers to hand out to people.

I was lucky. A little girl found my dog after seeing my posters everywhere and returned my dog to me. However, some people might not be that lucky if their pet goes missing. Right after I got my dog back, I decided to buy Tagg. Already this has saved me many hours of looking for my dog. My dog has gotten out three times in the short time I've had Tagg. Every time Tagg has texted me she left my yard, told me exactly where my dog was, and gave me driving directions to her.

I highly recommend this product! It gives you peace of mind and a security net if your dog does get out and go missing. You can readily find them and know exactly where they are. Well worth the investment. It's a life saver.