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GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Robert and Claire with Patton & Rommel
December 28, 2013

Tagg just saved our dog’s life! First a little background...

We live in a rural area and have a fair amount of acreage. We also have a 4 acre pond fitted with a windmill air pump that supplies the pond with oxygen. During the winter, as the air is pumped through the air stone to the surface, it leaves a portion of the pond unfrozen.

We recently purchased 2 pure bred German Shepherds – Patton and Rommel. We also purchased the Tagg Pet Tracker for each of them, as fencing here is minimal and we wanted to teach our dogs to stay close to home. We wanted to be alerted when they strayed.

Patton and Rommel were outside playing as usual, and the “outside the Tagg zone” alert came across our cell phones. Calling them home, we saw Patton running back and forth at the pond's edge in obvious distress. We immediately knew Rommel had fallen into the open hole on the surface of the pond.

We ran out to find Rommel’s head sticking out of the hole in the ice as he struggled to clamber out of the water. Hypothermia was setting in quickly, and Rommel had only minutes to live. Running out onto the ice at first, and then crawling as the ice thinned, we were able to reach Rommel and get a line tied to his collar. Backing away from the hole allowed Rommel the leverage to climb out of the icy water and back to safety.

Moral of the story... There are many dangers out there for our beloved animals. Whether in the city with traffic or in the country with open ponds, horses that kick, and packs of coyotes that attack, we can’t protect them from all hazards they will encounter. In this case, the Tagg alert we received bought us the minutes that meant the difference between life and death for our puppy! Thank you Tagg – your product is worth every penny!