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GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Michelle D. with Remington, Ruger, Winnie, Snowball & Luis
May 18, 2016

Here is a story of four Pyrenees and a little terrier. I live in a rural area of Texas where I have 93 acres, plus there are a good 300 hundred acres of countryside surrounding us. Coyotes and wild pigs are a problem, so I was looking for a guardian breed that could drive them away and that was sweet to people. People told me how great Pyrenees were, but that they like to do "walkabouts” so they need good fencing.

Being on that big of a property, and with so much additional land needing to be patrolled, I didn’t have a fencing option. I decided not to listen. Surely any dog can be trained...

Well, the dogs went on their walkabouts, but I used this to my advantage. I started with Tagg and then Whistle. Whenever my Pyrenees approached the surrounding roadways of their territories, I got in my truck and picked them up. How surprised they were (and embarrassed) to see their mom there when they had gone too far!

At first I kept them locked up at night, but then they started not to stray beyond the "pick up" zone. I stayed up a few nights and kept the alert signal by my bed, but now these Pyrenees are totally trained. I don't use my truck unless it is to go to the vet. I watch them if they are outside of my 93 acres, but they don’t go too far and the coyotes are gone. One even caught and ate a wild pig.

I could only have done this with these GPS trackers. They are essential to my life.