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GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Jeff S. with Foxx & Bravo
May 9, 2014

We have had some close calls, but nothing like last week. My wife and I were traveling to Georgia to attend my Nephews basic training graduation (I am a captain in the Army). About 4 hours from home, the Tagg alerts began to come in that BOTH our dogs had left the Tagg zone and were headed in different directions!

Having recently moved to this new neighborhood, we knew that they were unfamiliar with the area. My mother is 75 years old, has a bit of trouble getting around, and was "dog-sitting" for us at the time. She didn't know that the lawn service technician had left the back gate wide open when he left, nor that the dogs had left for their "adventure", until we called from Georgia.

I pulled over and started tracking Bravo, our retired police dog (who is beginning to forget where he is sometimes) on my Galaxy S5 while my wife got on her cell phone with my mother. I tracked him and gave her updates on the phone as he was already over a mile away. Thanks to the Tagg system, she found him sitting on a stranger's porch in the exact yard that Tagg had identified.

She got him in the car and brought him home. Then we worked Foxx's tracker. Within 10 minutes, my mother found him about a block in the other direction. After a lot of tears of worry, they became tears of joy from everyone involved.

I cannot begin to thank Tagg for such a wonderful product. Another upside of the "journey" is that all of the neighbors heard my mother yelling for both Bravo and Foxx. She'd tell them that they had GPS trackers on them and was sure they were close. This prompted a LOT of interest from our neighbors and we've sent them all to your website to order their own Tagg systems. I expect that within a few weeks the entire neighborhood will have Tagg systems on their loved ones.

Tagg saved not one dog that day but TWO, going in SEPARATE directions! This product is second to none and we look forward to telling everyone that we can about how wonderful Tagg is as a product. In fact, we have called the local news and plan on seeing if they are interested in doing a story on this event. Keep up the great work and thank you again! We don't have children by choice and these precious pups enrich our lives every day. Fortunately, we trusted Tagg, stayed calm, and led my mother right to both of them!