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GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Elizabeth C. with Basil
January 12, 2015

My husband and I are out of town on our honeymoon, and my dog is currently with his babysitters (aka my parents). I received an alert he was outside the zone and I immediately called my dad asking what is going on.

My dad tells me Basil has taken off. I tell him where he is located from the GPS, and he immediately starts looking for Basil, but isn't as easy as it sounds. The downside is that my parents live out in the country full of woods, ponds and hills. I immediately try to get ahold of other people so they can download the Tagg app and start tracking Basil as well.

After about 3-4 hours and about 6-7 miles away from the house, Basil is finally found! Thank god for the Tagg tracker because without it, I would of never of guessed my little puppy could have travelled so far, especially through all the terrain. Not to mention it had started raining and getting dark!

Humans just couldn't keep up with my four legged son - the closer they got to him, the farther he went away. Luckily they were able to see where he was going. I was able to have a little peace of mind by logging into my app and seeing that he was still moving around and not hit by a car.