GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Courtney B. with Candy
May 17, 2016

My 14 year old beloved dog got out of our yard and was missing for months; we later found out a coyote killed her. I was so upset she was missing and wished there was something we could have done to locate her. I even hired a scent dog tracker that drove down to Houston to help locate my missing dog. We never found her even after walking behind the scent dog for 4 miles.

Fast forward; we adopted a one-eyed dog Candy from our local SPCA. She is amazing but loves to escape and sneak out of the gate. I never wanted to go through losing another dog, so my husband found your Whistle GPS collars. We immediately bought one for our new adopted dog and she wears it 24/7 now. She has escaped one time since wearing it, and we were able to track her via GPS and find her a street over just 10 minutes after she escaped.

We love our Whistle; best of all, it gives me peace of mind our family dog is safe.