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GPS pet tracker testimonial review

Amy F. with Belle
May 16, 2016

We use the Whistle tracker on some of our dogs in our beagle rescue. Thankfully, we had a tracker on Belle. She was a recent arrival and came to us with a sad story. Her owner passed away and the owner’s family could not keep Belle and her beagle mother, Katie.

When we took them both into our program, Katie was very, very ill. A vet visit revealed she was suffering from end stage lung cancer so we had to free her and send her to fly free with the angels. Imagine Belle’s sadness at losing everything in life. Foster after foster could not seem to contain her as she escaped to head for the wild blue yonder – perhaps looking for her family?

A few nights of searching for her with flashlights in pouring rain led us to seek a better option. We put our Whistle GPS tracker on her and so happy we did! This thing is amazing… and is a must for Beagles (or any breed!) who have the propensity to dig out, fly out the front door, or take advantage of an open gate. Putting the small tracker on Belle’s collar allowed us to set up an “escape zone” so that once she crosses the invisible barrier, it sends out an alert to our phones and shows a map of where the dog is heading… all in real time!

By the way — we did find Belle, and she is currently in the “safe zone”! The tracker is still with her in her new forever family!