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Whistle Switch subscription plan

Like a cell phone, your smart device needs a plan to run and cover your network, data, and GPS costs. So when you’re purchasing a smart device, you’ll need a plan too. You can’t buy a plan without buying a smart device. But when it’s time to renew your subscription, we’ll let you know on the Whistle app.



$12.99 due at checkout

2-Year plan

Includes 3 months free

$192.00 $168.00

Billed annually
$7.00/ Month

Monitor their health

Understand what’s normal for your pet, and catch potential issues before they become problems.

Set fitness goals

Keep both you and your pet on track, with custom goal setting based on breed, age, and weight.

Track location

Know where they go, with GPS location and alerts when your pet leaves a designated safe place.

Chat with Tele-vet

Get instant access to our free Tele vet service, right in the Whistle app.

Stay connected 24/7

Collect comprehensive health data and insights for the full story on your pet’s health.

Find the perfect match for your pet


Health • Fitness

This smart device helps you understand your pet’s health. FIT covers all your monitoring basics, with a design that works for any pet. So you can start uncovering better ways to care.

For dogs of all sizes.


GPS • Health • Fitness

This smart device helps you keep tabs on your pet. GO Explore gives you GPS location monitoring, safe place settings, and escape alerts. So you’re both ready for any adventure.

For dogs 25 lbs and up.


24/7 Connection • GPS • Health • Fitness

This smart collar helps you stay connected to your pet. Switch gives you a sleek design, switchable styles, and two rechargeable battery packs. So you can monitor your pet 24/7.

For dogs 5 lbs and up.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Whistle subscription to use my collar or device?

Yes, you’ll need a subscription so your collar or device can connect to the cellular service needed to collect your pet’s data.

How much is a subscription?

That depends on which Whistle and plan you choose:

Whistle Switch or Whistle GO Explore:
Monthly: $12.99/month (due at checkout)
1-year plan: $99.00/year (billed annually)
2-year plan: $192.00/2-year period (billed bi-annually)


Whistle FIT:

Monthly: $8.25/month (due at checkout)
1-year plan: $59.40/year (billed annually)
2-year plan: $108.00/2-year period (billed bi-annually)

Is there a multi-pet discount?

Not yet. But we’re exploring some options, so we’ll keep you posted.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, there’s not a specific fee for canceling. But If you sign up for a 1-or-2-year subscription, you’ll have to pay for that full period. The good news is, all subscriptions come with a 90 day, risk-free trial. So, if you’re not loving Whistle, you can cancel in the first three months, free of charge.

If you’re feeling hesitant, try our monthly plan to better understand how Whistle works before committing.

What’s the return policy for smart collars and devices?

If you purchased from the Whistle store, you’ll have a 90-day, risk-free trial. So you have plenty of time to get to know Whistle. If it’s not the right fit for you and your pet, reach out to our support team to request a return. You’ll get a refund for your collar or device, along with a prorated refund on any subscriptions.

Over 100,000+ happy pet parents

I’m thankful for the Whistle GO Explore tracker, because it’s given me accountability when it comes to making sure my pup is staying healthy & active.


Los Angeles, CA


Gatsby has been wearing Whistle’s devices since he was a tiny pup and never leaves home without it!

David Tran

Los Angeles, CA


Honestly, wanted to wait a while until I wrote a review for this product due to the reviews I read. I honestly love this product. I have 1 and half old GSD and wanted to know if I was giving him too little or too much exercise or if I was giving too much food or not. This has given me clarity on that.

Kevin M

New York, NY

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