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How Whistle Works

Our pioneering tech translates billions of data points into easy-to-understand insights—all available in the connected app. So you can manage their health, track their location, and deliver a whole new level of care.

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Manage their health

Track licking, scratching, eating, drinking, and sleeping—and see how they’re doing at a glance with daily wellness scores. 

Custom fitness goals

Keep them at their healthy weight with personalized daily exercise goals based on breed, weight, and age.

Daily check-ins

Keep a log of how your pet is feeling and why to better understand how different daily factors affect their emotional and physical health.

See how diet impacts your dog’s health

With our new food pantry feature, you can add all your pet’s everyday foods to see how diet changes affect their health and weight.

How real pet parents use Whistle™

Whistle smart devices tell pet parents exactly how their pup is doing, and how to help them stay healthy, happy, and safe.

“I’m very happy I made the purchase and got this device for my dog. She has lost the recommended amount of weight from the veterinarian. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.”
– Peytonmom
“I absolutely love this product for my dog Bruce. I can see what his activity is like when I can’t be there. It is very helpful to know how much he has moved so I can calculate how much more or less to feed him.”
– Bailey C.
“I can't imagine not having a Whistle now. We use it daily for maintaining my dog’s weight, activity, her health trends. Being able to share all this info with her vet has been vital to getting her to a healthy weight.”
– Happy Customer
“I found out my Lab was licking a lot more than usual. It turns out he had contact dermatitis and the vet was able to treat it before it became a skin infection.”
– Kristen
“After an alert informed me that my dog had elevated scratching levels, I took her to the vet. We found out she had an allergy to the hardwood floor cleaning product. Without Whistle, we wouldn’t have known about this issue. Early detection helped keep our dog happy and healthy—and it saved us TONS of money on vet bills.”
- Doran Fo

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