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Whistle Proudly Partners with Beagle Freedom Project
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Whistle Proudly Partners with Beagle Freedom Project | Whistle

We love beagles! (That means you, Snoopy!) They have one of the sweetest temperaments amongst dog breeds. But their innocent, unconditional trust – we found out – can be used against them. Gentle and docile demeanors make them the breed of choice for experimental research and other abuses. And that’s terrible news. But the fantastic news is that we discovered Beagle Freedom Project (BFP). BFP is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of beagles and other animals from forms of cruelty, abuse, and neglect. Since 2010, the nonprofit group has been freeing survivors from lab experiments, nurturing senior and special needs animals from shelters. We applaud and support everything BFP does, which is why we have partnered with them, and are now inviting you to partner with us! 

We’ve been giving 50% back to Beagle Freedom Project and other qualified shelter partners for every device they sell to help ensure the safety of rescued animals as they settle into their new homes and to give foster parents peace of mind. Now we want to help them pay it forward even more. So here’s our plan: For every Whistle GO health + fitness tracker sold on, we will donate one Whistle tracker to Beagle Freedom Project. Whistle’s mission is to improve the lives of pets by empowering and championing the people who love them – including the organizations that melt our pet-loving BFP. 

Now YOU can help as well. Purchase a Whistle GO Health and Location Tracker for the furry friend in your life, and enjoy knowing that we will send a tracker to BFP on your behalf. Help us protect and provide for the lovable beagles around the globe, as well as other animal victims of abuse. Help us make a difference.

Learn more about our partnership with Beagle Freedom Project, and discover other ways you can help support BFP’s mission.

To donate one Whistle tracker to BFP (and get $10 off for you), use code RESCUE10. Offer ends 10/16. Remember to tag your favorite pup with #BFPxWhistle!