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Our Whistle Food Portion Calculator Just Got Better
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Our Whistle Food Portion Calculator Just Got Better | Whistle

Ever look at the back of the dog food bag for an answer on how much to feed your dog and end up more confused than ever? Let’s solve that once and for all.

Just like their pet parents, every dog is unique, so before coming to any “right” answer, there are many factors to consider. For example, a couch potato shouldn’t be eating as much as a high energy pup, even if they weigh the same according to a scale. 

We first launched the Whistle Food Portion Calculator in early 2020, and based on your valuable feedback, we made some really great updates and improvements. 


So as a thanks to you, here’s what’s new:

New & improved algorithm. We’ve partnered with Pet Insight Project, Waltham Petcare Science Institute and the Energetics lab at University of Aberdeen to conduct our most in-depth study to determine the calorie burn of dogs while wearing Whistle devices. The findings from this study have enabled us to improve the Whistle Food Portion Calculator, translating your dog’s characteristics and activity into recommending accurate food portions to help keep your dog in the best possible shape.

Updated list of over 3,500 dog foods. You let us know what dog food your pet loves, so we updated our database of 3,000+ dog foods and added an additional 400 to include yours! If we’re missing yours, use the app to let us know, and we’ll work on adding it to our database.

Add up to 2 dog foods. Do you add a topper to your dog’s food? Mix canned food with kibble? Sprinkle chicken on top for that extra yum? We surveyed Whistle customers and found out that 20% of you regularly feed more than 1 food to your dog. So we made the new calculator account for up to 2 different dog foods and give you a breakdown of how much to use of each. 

Here’s how it works:

Search up to 2 dog foods to add to your pet’s Food Portion Calculator.


Move the slider to indicate how much of each type of food you feed your dog. For example, if you feed one type in the morning and another at night, use 50/50. If you only add a little topper to your dog’s food, use 90/10.

Pro Tips: 

Quickly refer back to your food portion:

Need a reminder on how much to feed? Going away for the week and adding a dog sitter to your Whistle account? Go to the “Pet” tab in your Whistle app to refer back to your Food Portion Calculator results. 

Tap the cell to expand your results. 

Take the guesswork out of treating your dog:

Now you can see just how much those popular treats can add up to your dog’s total diet to ensure you don’t overfeed them. Scroll down on the Food Portion Calculator page. 

Chat with a Vet: 

Have questions about how much—or even what—to feed your dog? Our team of certified veterinarians are here to help answer all of your nutrition questions, from portion suggestions to food selection to ingredient sensitivities. 

Don’t have a Whistle device yet? Use our free online Food Portion Calculator here to get some guidance. Whistle customers get the full app experience!