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Meet our Whistle Summer Games All-Stars!
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Meet our Whistle Summer Games All-Stars! | Whistle

The Olympic Summer Games may have been cancelled, but that didn’t stop a good many of your athletic doggos from competing in our own Whistle Summer Games Challenge! 

We asked you to share your pet’s hard-earned achievements with us on social media, and you did not disappoint. You showed us your high jumpers, your water champions, your escape artists, and even your serial beggars! Let’s celebrate some of our favorites...

The Extreme Beggars

Utilizing their instinctive “cute factor,” these pets are simply the best at getting what they want. From sniffing out any food left lying around to melting your heart with those big puppy eyes, these clever canines know just the right tactics to bust out in order to have their cake AND eat it too. We applaud the talented winners!

Small Pups, Big Energy

Don’t let their size fool you! These feisty dogs may be small, but their energy rivals a pack of Tasmanian devils. Whether they’re playing with toys designed for the “big dogs,” tirelessly taking their 6-inch legs on a 12-mile walk, or channeling the spirit of a Husky in a Pomeranian body, these pint-sized pups are anything but pipsqueaks. Shine on, you fearless furballs!


The Serial Nappers

Those long, hot “dog days of summer” seem to be tailor-made for these champion nap-letes. And while it might look like we’re awarding laziness here, we’re not. We honor these ninjas of the nap for their enviable ability to doze anywhere and anytime at the drop of a hat. Even more impressively, they can pop awake with a protective growl as soon as an unknown person or animal draws near. Let’s hear it for these sleepy superstars!


The Water Champs

These surf-bound hounds can’t be kept ashore, and nor should they be! From splashing to diving to shredding waves, these water babies are smiley when wet. They love to go paddle boarding, to play on boats, and to dive into the water with their humans. These pooches really make a splash!


The High Jumpers

Leaping lizards, do these dogs jump high! We secretly suspect they may have been crossbred with pogo sticks. Some of these bouncing bow-wows have a height-to-leg ration that’s off the charts, and some can clear 6-foot fences in a single bound. Hey, Hollywood – keep these natural born jumpers in mind if you ever get around to making Air Bud 13.

The Escape Artists

To these “houndinis,” barriers are mere suggestions and fences are minor obstacles. They have adventure in their hearts, and they chase the call of the wild more often than other dogs, letting their curiosity lead them wherever it may. (Thankfully, they have Whistle devices so their pet parents can always bring them home safely.) Intrepid crusaders, we salute you!‍

The All-Time Highest Activity Streak

No competitors have embodied the traits of commitment, consistency, and resilience like these 5 pups. Not only have they regularly hit their daily activity goals, but they have done so every day for over 4.5 years! This elite group blew the competition away! We felt it was only fitting to include their incredible stats above. 

The 2020 Marathon

Sure, it seems like this year has already lasted about 20 months, but that hasn’t kept these proud pooches from exercising their paws. We could all learn a lesson in discipline from these consistent walkers. They’ve been steadily keeping fit all year long, and for that we celebrate their dedication!

Let’s give these all-stars a round of applause because, to them, a goal is something to be not only surpassed but blown out of the water! Thanks to all who participated in the Whistle Summer Games, and a special shoutout to all the pet parents who continue to love and care for their furry champions through every season.