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Getting fit with your dog: @RRAYYME gives us her favorite tips
The Whislte Blog back to Good News Getting fit with your dog: @RRAYYME gives us her favorite tips
Getting fit with your dog: @RRAYYME gives us her favorite tips | Whistle

LA-based lifestyle and fitness blogger Remi Ishizuka (@rrayyme) has made fitness a huge part of her life for years now. When she adopted her energetic white German Shepherd Simba last year, it changed up her fitness routine, in the best possible way! As a Whistle customer, we asked Remi to give us her favorite ways to stay in shape with Simba.

Here are her tips on how your pup can help you keep up with your fitness goals: 

1. Take morning walks to wake up the body and get fresh air.
Switch up your routes, wake up extra early and go for walks while still having time for your personal morning routine. A one-mile or 20-minute walk can really make a huge difference in how I feel in the morning, plus it's a great time to enjoy a podcast or just take in the calm morning sounds of the city waking up. I use Whistle GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor to see Simba's average daily distance and try to beat that average once a week, which motivates us to take longer walks (or runs) together.

2. Do sprint intervals with your dog.
This definitely takes some training. Simba loooves to run in front of me and used to think we were playing tag instead of sprints. But now he kicks my butt every time.

3. Set up doggie dates.
Run or bike to the dog park to meet a friend to play fetch. You get a workout in, get to hang out with a friend and the dogs are taken care of too!‍

4. Weekend trips into nature.
Find dog-friendly trails near your city and head out with a girlfriend for a day or weekend trip of hiking with your dogs. If your pet goes too far off-trail, no problem. Whistle 3 uses smart technology to track, and on the trails you can locate your pet no matter how far or fast they run ahead of you—all from an app on your phone.

5. Track your baseline fitness.
In addition to keeping an exercise journal for myself, I also monitor Simba's activity levels using Whistle 3 to see if he needs more exercise that day based on personalized recommendations for his age, weight, and breed. This gives me peace of mind about Simba's wellbeing—so we can enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life together. I like to journal outside, so I can get some fresh air—and extra outdoor exercise for Simba!