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Usher in the happiest of holidays with Whistle

February 18, 2021
2 minute read
Usher in the happiest of holidays with Whistle - Whistle

Whistle is here to help make the holidays even merrier!

In the midst of all the holiday to-dos and celebrations, we'll keep you and your BFF connected—giving you peace of mind in knowing where they are and what they need before they even bark (or meow) for it.


Even Santa Needs Helpers: Easily add family, friends, the dog walker, and even the pet sitter to the Whistle app. With Family Trips, members of your pack can all stay connected with the family pet. Plus, you'll get smarter alerts letting you know who your pet is with when they leave a Safe Place.

TIP: Adding your dog walker or pet sitter will help them to stay on top of your pet's location, activity, and rest.


To Grandmother's House We Go: Bring your BFF along to Grandma's and wherever else you visit this holiday season. With nationwide GPS coverage, Whistle 3 will track your pet's location, whether you're 3 or 3,000 miles apart. And with Smart Alerts from the app, you can quickly keep tabs on where they are when festivities get hectic.

TIP: Staying somewhere over the holidays? Add your travel location to your pet's profile as a Safe Place. Link using Wi-Fi to save battery life and make notifications smarter.

Burn Off Holiday Treats: Whistle helps you set Daily Activity Goals based on your pet's breed, age, and weight, so you can monitor their exercise to balance out those Christmas treats. We'll even let you know when your BFF has reached the day's activity goal. No holiday overindulgence and weight gain for these pets!

Snuggles by the Fire: From visitors and parties to traveling and caroling, the holidays could mean your pet is more active than usual. Being active is essential, but so is getting plenty of rest (and snuggles) — especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Whistle 3 tracks both, keeping you posted on how your pet's downtime is going.

Whistle is here to help make the holidays even merrier!

We think your BFF will love wearing it more than that holiday sweater 😉‍

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