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Three new ways to watch your pet’s health

February 22, 2021
1 minute read
Three new ways to watch your pet’s health - Whistle

You spoke. We listened!

And we’re thrilled to add 3 new ways you can view your pet's health insights to learn more about your fur baby so they can lead happier, healthier lives. 

Let’s get you in there.

From the Health Tab in the Whistle app, you’ll now find:

1) View weekly and monthly behaviors.  

Dive into weekly and monthly charts to see average activity and even discover when a behavior first started to change or improve. 

2) Scrub for more data.


To get more detail with specific values, hold and swipe. 

3) Timelines show trends.

See when your dog went to sleep, woke up, and if their sleep was disrupted during the night. To spot trends, disruptions can be scaled in the timeline. 


Your pet’s health and well-being are paramount to us — so we can’t wait to hear what you think of these new Whistle feature enhancements. Tag #PetsLoveWhistle on social media to share your thoughts.

Meanwhile, please give your pet a good belly rub from us.‍

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