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Whistle Subscription Update: Whistle Health Report

January 25, 2023
2 minute read
Whistle Subscription Update: Whistle Health Report - Whistle

You depend on your Whistle device to provide accurate information about all aspects of pet health from eating, drinking and sleep habits to changes in licking and scratching behaviors. The information isn’t just helpful for tracking dog habits; the dog health tracker also provides valuable information about pet health to your veterinarian.

Science-Backed Solutions

Before launching the Health Report, Whistle sought input from veterinarians about the features that would be most useful and used their feedback to create the ultimate pet health record.

The result is a dog health report that offers a quick summary at the top of the report followed by in depth information about each behavior with color-coded data about how eating, drinking, sleep licking and scratching behaviors have changed over time. It’s built into each Whistle device.

Whistle Health Report - Whistle app

Upgraded App, Better Connectivity

The new and improved Whistle Health Report generated straight from the Whistle app makes it easier than ever to share pet health information with your vet. The dog health record that you can now pass along includes all of the health metrics that Whistle smart devices track, including: 

  • Scratching
  • Licking
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Activity

This report provides your vet with a full picture of dog habits from dog activity tracker and dog symptom tracker to dog health record.

Now when you start an Ask a Vet session, your veterinarian will be able to see and pass along an easy to read graphic with your pet’s health information. This data helps them understand your pet’s current state to better advise you on care.

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