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Holiday Gift Guide for all Pet Parent Personalities

November 12, 2021
5 minute read
Holiday Gift Guide for all Pet Parent Personalities - Whistle

When you make a list and check it twice, don’t forget to include your pets. We sniffed out the best gifts for all pet parent personalities.

For the Nature Lover

Dog GPS tracker: Keep tabs on your four-legged adventurer with the Whistle Health & GPS. The dog GPS tracker provides real time location monitoring and “safe place” settings that will send an alert when your dog wanders outside of a pre-set zone. You can also set fitness goals and monitor their health on the go.

Dog backpack: All dogs love outdoor adventures. For those that are too small or too old to trek the entire trial, opt for the K9 Sport Sack. Available in a range of sizes and styles, each backpack is made with padded back panels, cooling side panels and adjustable collar enclosures to keep your dog comfortable on a hike. 

Outdoor dog bed: Keep your pampered pooch comfortable while spending time in the great outdoors. The Coolaroo outdoor dog bed is elevated and designed to stand up to the elements so your dog can have a weatherproof, waterproof place to relax. 

For the Data-Driven Biohacker

Electronic Treat Dispenser: Stay connected to your pets from afar with the Petzi Treat Cam. A camera streams video and snaps photos through the WiFi connection and audio capabilities let you talk to your dog. Connect to the app and, at the press of a button, give your dog a treat for good behavior. 

Doggie DNA test: The shelter called your dog a corgi mix but you wonder if he might be more of a cattle dog cross. The Wisdom Panel Premium DNA test can help you learn more about his background and some of the health issues common in his breed and the veterinarian consultation allows you to discuss any health findings.

Interactive dog toy: Skip the basic dog bone and opt for a Wickedbone Smart Bone. The interactive toy has 12 different settings, reacting based on how your dog interacts with it. It can be programmed for auto play or you can control it via the app so your puppy is never bored.

For the Helicopter Parent 

Calming clothing: No pet parent wants to see their best fur friend feeling anxious. Whether it’s storms, fireworks or separation that make your dog tremble, whimper and hide, a ThunderShirt could help. The compression garment creates gentle pressure that can help calm an anxious pooch.

Constant connection: Stay connected to your pet 24/7 with the Whistle Switch. In addition to real time GPS monitoring, the smart collar gathers health data, tracks fitness goals and provides free tele-vet services through the Whistle app—all with a sleek design, two rechargeable battery packs and switchable colors and styles.

Snuggle buddy: Your dog loves falling asleep next to you. When you can’t be there, offer him a Snuggle Puppy. More than just a stuffed animal, these plush toys come with a heat pack that provides physical warmth and an electronic heartbeat that will help your puppy feel safe and secure.

For the Fashionista

Colorful collars: Yes, the Whistle Health & GPS+ offer GPS location data, health monitoring and fitness tracking but the collars look great, too. Available in two stylish colors with swappable, rechargeable batteries in six colors, you can mix and match to give your dog the right look for any occasion.  

Luxe leash: The Later-Gator faux leather dog leash is the fashion-forward accessory your dog needs to look styling (and stay safe) on your next walk. The five-foot leash is made from faux black alligator “leather” with a rose gold clip; it can be paired with a Whistle Health & GPS+ collar (or another stylish collar option).

Custom calling card: Your pet is the ultimate fashion statement. With a custom pet portrait phone case from West & Willow, you can take her with you wherever you go. Simply upload her photo, choose your phone model and the team of digital illustrators will do the rest.

For the Workout Warrior

Fitness tracker: Whether your dog needs help whittling his waistline or he’s training for a canine 5k, give him the gift of the Whistle Health. The smart device allows you to set goals for distance or calories, create reminders for vet visits, grooming and medication and a nutrition calculator to monitor portions so your dog can achieve peak performance. 

Hands-free fetching: Train Fido to drop a tennis ball in the top of the iFetch unit and the auto ball launcher will do the rest. He can play fetch even when you’re not around. To keep your dog from getting bored, the unit has three chutes and tosses the balls in different directions at random. 

Hydration station: Your dog needs to stay hydrated after a good workout (or a long nap). The Drinkwell pet fountain provides a steady flow of filtered water. The dog dish plugs into the wall and features adjustable flow control and the two-gallon square basin is large enough for the thirstiest dogs and big enough to share.

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