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Worlds Colliding

I've always been a dog lover and a tech person. And now, Whistle is making those my two passions collide. It was quite some time ago, I was browsing Google+ and noticed a green icon sharing countdown posts. I had no clue what it was or what was going to happen on the last day of the countdown, but I circled the page and just waited eagerly. It was a Saturday morning (if I remember correctly) when I saw one of the most interesting clips that I've seen in a long time. It was the Whistle demo video.

My parents always had dogs (all Jack Russells since I've been born) and I loved them. I love growing up with them, playing with them and going outside with them. So when I moved out the house I got this feeling of missing something. At one point, I took my mum's dog in for a couple of months and realised I needed a dog myself. And so, I called my mum told her the story and after 100 "Are you sure?s" and "You have to walk them a lot!", I decided I really wanted one. So, I did what I knew best—search the internet! After a lot of Googling and looking at pictures (you can imagine the amounts of "Awws!" that night), I picked a farm and called them. They had 30 (yes, you read that correctly) Jack Russell pups. The next day, we got in the car and drove to the farm. Greeted by three lose running Jack Russells, I allready got excited; when I got into the barn, I was instantly greeted by loud barks and 30 tails going "woop woop woop". After some test cuddles and face licks, I picked this little guy…

Afbeelding 007

And called him "Donut" (named after Android 1.6 and the Simpsons). Donut instantly made my life better. I've spend more time outside that afternoon than I did for the last months and it was awesome! I took (and still take) him everywhere. But, as your dog gets older (he’s 5 now) you start to worry, luckily Donut has been healthy until now but still.. Wouldn't it be great if I could monitor him? And that's where Whistle comes in.

The awesome intro video, mock ups of the app and of course the form factor of the device instantly made me pre-order. I don't really think I even gave it a second thought. Recently I had the chance to visit the Whistle office with my girlfriend while on vacation in San Francisco, and that visit made it even more clear that I am getting the best device from people that know best—other dog lovers.

The part that interests me the most is combing the two things I like the most: Donut & technology. Recently I got a Fitbit from my company, and me and my coworkers are in some kind of a “competition”. All my coworkers are complaining about getting the day to day steps (first goal is 10.000) but I easily walk 15.000 a day just by going on dog walks. It is safe to say that Donut is keeping me healthy and I hope that I can keep Donut healthy by getting him a Whistle. If you love your dog, you should get one too!

Peter Hartog

A very special thank you to Peter den Hartog for taking the time to share his love for dogs and tech with us. If you'd like to contribute to Whistle's Community, drop us a note at hello@whistle.com.

Sep 5, 2013

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