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Workout With Your Pup: Tips For Exercising With Your Dog

Who needs a running buddy when you have a four-legged best friend? Dogs can be a great source of natural motivation to be more active. Between daily walks and playtime, you’d be surprised how many extra calories you’re unconsciously burning as a dog-owner.

This time of year is all about overindulging in delicious holiday treats, so use your pup to ensure you’re not packing on extra holiday pounds.

Need some helpful tips on where to start with making a workout routine that includes you and your pup? We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness bloggers that know how to turn their dogs into bonafide fitness coaches, or at the very least, exercise companions. Take a look at our roundup and start creating your fitness regime for you and your four-legged bestie.


A photo posted by Jen Boudreau (@runningwtg) on

Jen Boudreau is the author of the Running With The Girls blog, a portal dedicated to chronicling her life as a running-addict. She loves running with other women and inspiring ladies to get together and get active. Use her blog as a beacon of hope if you hate running, Jen used to hate it too! She likes to play soccer with her pup Mallie to keep both of them fit and active.


A photo posted by Susie @ Suzlyfe (@the_suzlyfe) on

Susie Lemmer specializes in running and being active while living with Chron’s disease, but has great fitness tips for anyone looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Lemmer shares her personal story and struggle with the chronic illness while simultaneously providing tips and motivation for other sufferers. Check out her blog for great recipes and amazing tips for marathon running. She even has an article specifically about making your dog the best running partner! Read it here.


A photo posted by Genevieve | 👻LadyGLifts (@genevieve_lifts_eats_travels) on

Genevieve Jerome is a travel junkie who loves hiking with her dogs and recently underwent a huge body transformation after losing 155 pounds. You can follow her blog to read her inspiring story and find healthy dieting tips, plus great ways to incorporate your pup into your fitness regime via hiking.


A photo posted by Kimberly Markey (@kimberlymarkey) on

Kimberley Markey is a marathon runner and an inspiration for breast cancer survivors everywhere, having run multiple races while undergoing chemotherapy! Her dedication and positivity is reflected in everything she writes on her blog. Her loyal Vizsla, accompanies her on runs to keep her motivated.


A photo posted by Kristen K. (@runawaywithkk) on

Kristen Kupperman is the voice behind the Run Away With Me Blog, a whimsical blog full of fitness tips with the Alaskan frontier as the backdrop to all of Kristen’s outdoor activities. Her puppy Ridley joins her on runs to work off some of his endless energy.


A photo posted by Tiffany Henness (@coachhenness) on

Tiffany Henness, dog mama to Moxie (aka ‘MoxietheRidge’ on Instagram) has a blog that is a great place to find a virtual fitness coach. She regularly posts detailed workout plans that you can print and download. She leads a very active life with her pup by her side. Moxie even guest posts sometimes, so make sure to catch the entertaining articles from the dog’s point of view!


A photo posted by Kathy (@thepandapost) on

Kathy Hamilton is the mastermind behind The Panda Post blog, a project that was created as a way for Kathy to keep track of her weight loss journey. Now years later and more than 50 lbs lost, Kathy is still going strong with her weight loss. She’s dedicated to living a healthy life, and her pup helps her do that. Jax, her four-legged running partner, keeps her moving on their runs and hikes together.


A photo posted by Lindsey McRoberts (@livinglovingrunner) on

Lindsey McRoberts is the face behind the livinglovingrunner blog. She provides an amazing hub of info that can help new runners plan out monthly goals. She provides a detailed description of her own monthly goals plus updates the blog with weekly workouts that readers can copy. She burns off energy with her yellow lab Miss Paisley.


A photo posted by Jamie King (Walker) (@jamiekingfit) on

Jaime King is a marathon runner and founder of Sweat Pink, a community of female runners. Her blog is full of workout and running tips, and - best of all - adventures with her Vizsla, Abbie. She takes Abbie running and offers specific tips for doing sports with your pup. Take a look at her article about stand up paddle boarding with your dog — it looks a lot less like exercise and more like genuine fun.


A photo posted by Elizabeth Wilson (@lizwilsonyoga) on

Yoga guru Elizabeth Wilson’s family dog Sydney, a Golden Retriever, keeps her company while she does yoga on the porch during family holidays. Wilson’s blog is all about leading a balanced life. Her yogi/hippie vibe leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. She teaches yoga classes in Portland and loves getting fit with her girls and their respective pups.

Feeling motivated yet? Peruse a few of these fitness blogs, grab your pup and get out there! Happy movement with your mutt.

Nov 18, 2016

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