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Why your dog needs to be walked every day

Consistent exercise is critical for your dog's happiness. At Whistle we love walks. We caught up with Beverly Ulbrich, dog behaviorist and owner of The Pooch Coach in San Francisco. Here's what she has to say on the importance of walking your dog daily.

whistle blog dog walking

Many behavior problems I deal with stem from dogs not getting enough exercise. Sometimes, just getting into a good walking routine solves problems such as anxiety, destructive behavior, digging and barking.

whistle blog dog walking

Here’s why your dog needs to be out in the world every day, being led by you: Adult animals migrate each day to get food and water. There is no delivery service for them! Cows go to pasture, deer forage for food, wolves hunt, and birds fly in formation to their destinations. By walking your dog with purpose every day, you are recreating this primal urge to find food and water as well as giving them an important job. A walk done correctly allows a dog to look to you for leadership and direction and keeps him focused on the task at hand. This is his time to work, just as soccer practice and karate lessons are times for kids to exercise both their minds and bodies. Backyards and dog parks are great, but they aren’t enough. You don’t expect a child to get his or her entire social and exercise needs met by playing in the backyard.

So please make time every day to take your dog for a minimum 30-45 minute walk. Or, hire a professional walker to help you if you’re short on time. But don’t skip this important step for keeping your dog mentally and physically healthy.

By Beverly Ulbrich


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May 20, 2015

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