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What's The Difference Between Whistle GPS And Whistle 3?

If you're a current Whistle user, you may be wondering what's different about the new Whistle 3 pet tracker. While both the previous Whistle GPS model and the new Whistle 3 are GPS pet trackers combined with activity monitoring, there are a few things that differentiate the two.

Here's a quick breakdown of the key differences between Whistle GPS and our new Whistle 3:


What's different?

Whistle GPS consists of a metal face with a rubber antenna extending from both sides. Instead, Whistle 3 sheds the antennae and metal display in exchange for a smaller, durable plastic with no external antennae.

What's the same?

Both Whistle GPS and Whistle 3 are waterproof and intended to go anywhere with your pet.


What's different?

Everything (almost). Whistle 3 is 50% smaller and lighter than Whistle GPS. Due to its new design which excludes the antennae flaps, Whistle 3 weighs less than an ounce and can be worn comfortably on pets 8 lbs and over (compared to 15 lbs for the Whistle GPS model).

Whistle GPS Dimensions:

  • Width 1.2"
  • Length 4.2"
  • Thickness 0.8"
  • Weight: 1.3 oz

Whistle 3 Dimensions:

  • Width 1.45"
  • Length 1.82"
  • Thickness 0.61"
  • Weight: 0.92 oz

What's the same?

Only the logo!


What's different?

Whistle 3 has managed to cut breach times in half, giving you even faster alerts when your pet gets out.

Whistle 3 is missing a few of the "extra" features that the original Whistle GPS boasts. The food and medication logging and reminder features are not present with Whistle 3. We've also removed the Facebook login capability and the option to track and locate via text. We omitted these features from Whistle 3 based on our customer usage feedback, but if you love those nifty aspects about Whistle GPS, not to worry, we'll keep your current app and device updated.

Another key feature that's seen a remodel is the safe zone. While Whistle GPS allows you to select one safe zone, which you can change easily and quickly within the Whistle app on your smartphone, Whistle 3 takes safe zones to the next level, allowing you to add multiple safe places.

What's the same?

Both Whistle GPS and Whistle 3 offer location tracking and activity monitoring. Both devices allow you to find your pet on a map in minutes as well as track how much activity your pet is getting each day.


What's different?

Whistle 3 is able to use WiFi and can use your WiFi network as a virtual home zone, removing the need for the base station which the Whistle GPS uses as a beacon. If you're already a Whistle user, you know that proximity to the base station is what allows your device to go into power saving mode in order to sustain longer battery life. Whistle 3 does away with the base station and replaces it with your home's WiFi network. Whistle 3 also adds (Bluetooth Low Energy) BLE to its tech capabilities which allows the device to "talk" to your smartphone during the initial setup process.

What's the same?

Both Whistle GPS and Whistle 3 use GPS and cellular technologies to track your pet's location accurately within minutes.

The App

What's different?

Whistle 3 comes with a whole new app. Upon purchasing Whistle 3, you will need to download the new app (for free) in order to use Whistle 3. The app is similar in essence to the original Whistle app, but there are a few modifications: no food and medication logging/reminder functions, a new integration of Google Maps for quicker and more accurate location tracking, no more social community within the app, and more frequent and precise updates on location and activity. We've removed web access to the app for Whistle 3, so if you're thinking of taking it for a spin, make sure you have a smartphone.

What's the same?

You can still track, locate and get activity and sleep trends for your pet. You'll receive custom notifications when your pet leaves its safe place.

Subscription plan

What's different?

We've added a 12-month commitment for people who want to pay monthly. We've also added a 90-day money back guarantee. Check out the subscription plans here.

What's the same?

If you're wondering if there's still a subscription plan required for Whistle 3, the answer is yes. The plans are the same for Whistle GPS and Whistle 3, starting at $6.95/month and topping out at $9.95/month depending on if you choose an annual or monthly plan.

If you've always wondered why you need a subscription plan for Whistle GPS products, it's because Whistle uses America's largest cellular network to enable on-demand location tracking anywhere in the U.S. Think of your Whistle as a tiny cell phone on your pet and the subscription plan pays for the service that transmits data to a cellular network. Still confused? Read this for more tech explanation.

Whistle GPS vs. Whistle 3 at a glance

Should I upgrade to Whistle 3?

We'll continue to support all previous Whistle products and services to ensure all of our customers are taken care of, so if you're happy with your product, there's no need to upgrade. Whistle GPS and Whistle 3 have the same location and activity tracking functions, however Whistle GPS includes a few extra perks like meal logging, medication reminders and the internal social community within the app. On the other hand, Whistle 3 is smaller, faster and combines newer technologies to optimize location tracking and battery life. If you're interested in taking Whistle 3 for a spin, you can try it risk free for 90 days and if you don't like it, we'll give you your money back on the purchase price.

Still have questions about the difference between Whistle GPS and Whistle 3? Take a closer look at Whistle 3 here. You can also shoot us an email at support@whistle.com and we'd be happy to answer all your questions.

Feb 8, 2017

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