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Incorporating feedback from the Whistle community

The past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement and activity here at Whistle. On Tuesday, we unveiled the first update to the Whistle Pet Tracker platform since the January 2015 acquisition of Tagg. Our intention is to fully integrate all Tagg users onto an updated infrastructure and app platform, as the previous software had not been improved since 2011.

The redesigned app experience allows for a more nimble and responsive platform going forward, one of the practices we are so proud of here at Whistle. In order to do this, we had to build the Whistle GPS platform from the ground up.

We learn the most from listening to our users and engaging in essential dialogue with our community around every new launch to guide us successfully through these transitions.

Our priority remains to serve you, our customers, and your much-loved pets by offering the best products. A big part of that is hearing your feedback and taking action to improve things quickly and thoughtfully.

I want to introduce you to Daniel Harman, our Director of Product, who will share with you the immediate action we are taking to improve your experience and how we are working hard to serve as your partners in pet care.

Ben Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO


Since the launch on Tuesday, we have been listening to your feedback. As a result, we have implemented some important bug fixes and learned of critical requests from users. Our team immediately created a plan of action to begin addressing each one. Everyone at Whistle is eagerly working to ensure your confidence in Whistle’s ability to help you quickly find your pet, wherever they are.

First up are some timely fixes and user improvements to make tracking your dog consistent with the Tagg tracking experience.

The following updates have already been or will be issued this week:

  • Track and Refresh GPS bug fix: we fixed an issue to ensure more successful tracking sessions. (resolved Tuesday, 10.6.15)
  • iOS Notification sounds bug fix: this bug fix restores the audio notifications to the app. (resolved Wednesday, 10.7.15)

Notification improvements – (coming Friday, 10.9.15)

  • The app will show the street Address of the last known location in SMS messages as previously included in the Tagg app
  • Users will receive a notification when their tracker turns off
  • Users will receive a notification when their device is in range of the base station

On deck is a new version of our mobile app coming in November. This version will accommodate requests we’ve received and continue to improve the app experience for all of our users - the number one reason we do what we do, after all.

Updates being issued in the next version of the app include:

  • SMS replies: reply to SMS notifications to track and locate your pet on demand or get information about your battery levels
  • Email notifications: opt-in to receive notifications in email in addition to in-app and SMS notifications
  • Additional phone numbers: ability to add additional phone numbers to receive SMS notifications
  • Map preference: if you use Whistle just for our GPS capabilities we will remember this and always take you to the map screen when you open the app
  • New map button: a new map button will be available in the pet profile screen
  • Add battery status to the maps screen
  • Improved map interactions including the ability to center focus the map on your own location relative to your pet’s location
  • And, additional features for better communication within the app

A note about maps and directions:

A number of our users have asked about the new map interface and we wanted to take a moment to address those questions and reassure everyone of its precision.

The previous Tagg app used the MapQuest online platform for live tracking, who at the time of the app release was considered the best in online maps. Whistle decided to utilize the Mapbox platform - the mobile mapping software several popular apps rely on, including MapQuest themselves- for its capabilities for more robust GPS tracking tools in the future.

Last, but certainly not least, we are not supporting turn-by-turn directions in the app at this time. The previous directions pulled users out of the app and created a situation where you could miss important location updates about your pet while following the directions. We have begun developing dynamic directions that will keep you on the map screen while locating your pet. We look forward to fine-tuning and rolling that feature out as soon as it is ready.

Send your feedback to our product team

We have a dedicated product team here at Whistle, and we consider our customers key members of this team. Here is where you can go to read about product updates, share specific feedback on your experience and vote on upcoming features and improvements.

Why this matters to Whistle

As pet parents ourselves, we know the bond with your animal is priceless. We create our products with this in mind, committed to supporting you in everything you do to give your pet the best.

Daniel Harman, Director of Product

Oct 7, 2015

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