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Spend The Season With Your Best Bud: A Dog-friendly Holiday

It's the most magical time of year. With all the holiday cheer, office parties and family dinners, your pup is probably: (a) feeling neglected, or (b) feeling awesome to be included in all the festivities. Read on to achieve the latter sentiment! Here's a list of easy at-home ways to include your pup in the holiday merriment.

Speaking of holiday merriment, you have to see this video of dogs wishing you ‘Happy Holidays’.

Easy ways to spend the holidays with your dog

Here are some no-brainer things you can do this season to make sure your pup feels included in the festivities, plus, it's a lot of fun for you too!

  • Include your dog in your family Christmas card! If you're not the traditional Christmas card kind, send an e-card featuring your pup.
  • Take your dog traveling with you! Heading up to the family cabin for Christmas? Why not take your pup? Every dog is different, and some may prefer to stay home with a sitter to keep up their routine, but that's certainly not the case for all dogs. Pack a little dog bag with their food, treats, a favorite toy and their bed so they can get cozy at your destination, and head out. Dogs like being with their people, so why not include your pup in the holiday festivities.The more often you bring him along on trips, the easier it will be to take him new places.
  • Bake holiday treats for friends and dogs - you can spend a total of five seconds scouring Pinterest to find dog-friendly holiday recipes that will enable your pup to join you in the festivities. We even have a delicious homemade dog food recipe featuring sweet potatoes for you to try out. Get the recipe here.
  • Buy some holiday themed-toys and play with your pup by the Christmas tree. Light the fire, turn on the holiday tunes and play with some shiny new holiday-themed toys with your pup.
  • Open presents together - there’s nothing like watching a dog tear apart a box that you actually want him to rip to shreds! Buy a few new things that your dog will love: treats, toys, blankets and let him ‘unwrap’ the gifts as you open your own gifts. Hint: a Whistle GPS collar makes an excellent Christmas present, especially while they're on sale!
  • Go for a holiday walk - the holidays are a notorious time for indulging in sweet treats and too much food, for both humans and dogs. Take an extra walk a day together, maybe on a different route to spend some quality time together and burn off a few of those extra holiday calories.
  • Make an ornament with a picture of your pup on it. Pinterest has some amazing ideas. This way you can start commemorating the Christmases you've spent together and look back on them as you decorate the tree each year.
  • Dress your dog in holiday garb. As you can see from the video, we love a dog in a good holiday costume. Petsmart has some fantastic costumes for dogs of every size. Get your pup a reindeer sweater so he can serve as your plus one at the ugly sweater Christmas party. You'd surprised what an icebreaker your canine pal can be for conversations with new people.
  • Snuggle up together with a good book. The only thing better than snuggling up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, is doing it together with your dog. Let your pup get close this season and keep you warm. Read aloud so your pet can hear you, we know it sounds silly, but hey, there’s no science that says dogs can’t appreciate classic literature or a good spy thriller.

How are you spending the holidays with your dog? We'd love to hear more ways to include your four-legged bestie in the most magical time of the year. Happy dog-friendly holidays everyone.

Dec 20, 2016

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