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Happy Veterans Day: Pets for Patriots | Robert's Story

At Whistle, we believe that dogs have the power to improve our lives and bring people together. In honor of Veterans Day, Whistle wants to draw attention to Pets for Patriots, an organization that helps United States Military veterans find, afford and adopt last-chance shelter dogs and cats.  Read Robert's touching story below and learn about how Pets for Patriots is empowering service personnel through dog adoptions.  With sincere gratitude to all who have served and are in active service, happy Veterans Day from the Whistle team!


Adopted dog brings Navy couple closer together

Before being adopted, Kay was an adult dog like too many others, sitting in a shelter with few prospects of a forever home until a Navy couple made her family. In return, she has brought the pair even closer together, and provides welcome comfort during deployments – a staple of military life. This is their story as told by Robert, active duty United States Navy.Our thanks to the Virginia Beach SPCA, whose partnership made this story possible.

Born to serve

I am currently on active duty in the United States Navy. My wife and I live in Virginia, where I am stationed. Both of us are from California and have no immediate family on the East coast, but we’re loving it – especially since Kay joined our family.

The first high value asset (HVA) escort that I was on is probably the most prominent memory so far. When you’re out on the water and any vessel begins to approach your HVA, your adrenaline gets pumping and you go to fight mode.

A fighter and a lover

I’ve always been a dog lover. Grew up with dogs in the house for my entire childhood. It was time for my wife and I to make an addition to our family.


I was referred to the Pets for Patriots program by the Virginia Beach SPCA. It’s great that we have the program to give active duty, veteran, and retired military an option to find peace through the love of an animal.

Kay has brought my wife and I even closer together, and we can always count on her to be wagging her “destruct-o” tail when we walk through the door. She gets hair on EVERYTHING, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

She makes my wife happy. While I’m deployed, it makes an enormous difference.

Published with permission by ©Pets for Patriots, Inc.; all rights reserved.

Nov 11, 2014

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